Sunday, May 14, 2006

Moms' Day

See my two "little ladies?" Mami and Mom. When Mary Jane first met my mom she was so thrilled...I really need to see if I can find that picture, but it might either be in San Diego or was at my wedding, Mary Jane had FINALLY found someone who was shorter than she was! I love you, Mary Jane.

Here they stand in front of a Zihuatanejo "tourist attraction." (Some Einstein left his boat during the stormy season and it broke loose and landed there, on the beach. No one knew what to do with it, but SOMEONE was going to pay...or so the Port Captain told me when I asked.) To their left, and only a few feet away from them really, is a Mexican Soldier with rifle, but maybe not bullets. The only reason they were allowed to get near the boat at all is because they looked harmless. When my X tried to look at the boat the soldier came up and stood, rifle diagonally across his body with an obvious for even the gringos who don't know the lingo, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" attitude. Two little old ladies? No problemo.

This was my mom's first ever vacation. EVER, really. She and Mary Jane decided to come visit their children before we embarked on crossing the Pacific to land us in Hawai'i on our 32' sailboat (the "Irish Rose" of prior posts). It was only February but we decided to celebrate moms' day early that year.

This year my mom is taking it easy at home, and Mary Jane is somewhere in Europe... the last post card I received was from "Bacion da Bologna."

Happy Mother's Day to all my moms, and, well, everyone else who's a mom to someone :).

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