Saturday, May 20, 2006


So yeah, "little late."
Spectrum Orange SocksNo, I haven't changed out the batteries yet...
Did you know that there's "residual" battery power in digital cameras? Well, in mine at any rate. I was cleaning (YES, I do clean every once in a while, usually just as the guests are ringing the doorbell, but shush) off my desk when I decided to check just how dead the camera batteries were. Whadda ya know, it let me take AND download ONE picture. When I popped the little Sony on, the "battery level" started at FULL and jumped around a bit, but didn't shut down the camera until after that first picture. The "playback" feature uses less juice, so I was able to see my off-center shot perfectly. I was trying my luck by downloading but kept my fingers crossed as the level kept creeping down to zero...

I know, I know, change the batteries...I will, soon, promise.

Les' see the down and dirty info:
Yarn: Brown Sheep Handpaint Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn (I'm just reading the label here)
Made of:75% Washable Wool/25% nylon
Color: SY-500 Brown Sugar Dyelot: 009
Needle: US2 to cast on and do a couple/three rows of ribbing, then US1 for the rest
Pattern: "Classy Slip-Up" from Knit Socks!

I like this yarn, um, the stitches look pretty. (There I go gettin' all technical.) I loved the colors. The orange really does jump out at you, and when you look close the blue is almost electric. No, I haven't blocked them, and unblocked they are a little tight in the calf, which is my usual problem with socks and I was deluding myself thinking making my own would be any different...and no I'm not ripping them out and starting again, that would kill me more. I'm going to block the bejeezus out of them and see if they get softer and maybe a little more stretchy. If not I'll find someone with thinner ankles and similar shoe size and off they'll go to a good home.

I'd joked about gifting them to my mom, but they'd be super huge on her as I actually made them the right foot size this time (She wears a Women's 4.5-5 WW, we are a square-footed family 'round here--I'm an 8-8.5 C/D--did you know the itty bitty shoe sizes have a different width system than the bigger ones?) Hmm, I wonder if my brother would wear them; we're about the same foot-size...we'll see :).

Tangents to the left of me, tangents to the right! Eep. This staying "on topic" thing is hard when my mind is on ten-thousand other things. So where was I? Oh yeah, the yarn.

I'd definitely use it again. Lorna's is softer at the outset though, and Fleece artist is even more so. I know, I know, I've heard the Koigu people go on and on, but at the price per skein of that puppy, it's a little out of my budget until I, you know, start working again :). And here comes another tangent...I think I just realized why I've kept re-starting with the Fleece's too soft after the Wildfoote...kinda like going from US 0000s to US 27s. Hmm, maybe I should go work on that Never-ending-Scarf for a bit to get my fingers used to something completely different, or something.

I need to go make some curtains...(not green though). Happy Saturday.


Beth said...

Where are the curtains going to be hanging? I wish you the best with that project and hope your track record for completion is better than mine. :)

And great socks!!! You've inspired me and I think I'll soon be restarting mine.

craftymodster said...

Your socks turned out superbly! They're great!