Saturday, April 15, 2006

FO: Lil' Greenie, & a Pattern

Lil' Greenie

Okay so, remember this post?? Sure it gave me a hat for the Cover Your Head KAL, but ummm, did nothing for my mailing it off to the two little guys in Wisconsin now did it??? No, I did not frog. Instead I cast on anew. Andy can do with another hat and has even worn this a few times, of course not when the camera is around, so no "action" shots. But I do have a family shot:
Of the hats, of course!
Project Details:
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9413 & 9435
Needles: US 8 Circ and US 8 DPNs when the going got small
Pattern: Mine. (See Below!)

So now I have to go post on CYH to qualify for my first "hat trick" woo hoo!!!

Little Guy Hats "Pattern" (more like a guideline):
Cast on 85 in CC, knit until it's about pinkie length.
Switch to MC and knit until it's one row shorter than the CC stripe.
Fold under CC stripe and knit together to make the "hem."
Change to:
CC for 3 rows, then MC for 3 rows,
CC 2 rows, MC 3 rows,
CC 1 row, MC 3 rows,
CC 2 rows, MC 3 rows,
CC 3 rows MC one row and begin decreases.
I did this staggered to avoid the big line of holes so
R1: K2tog, *K17 SSK, K2tog*
R2: K7, SSK, K2tog, *K15, SSK, K2tog* until you get back to the end of the "row." I think you end up knitting 8 to get to the end of the row...that part is foggy now, sorry.
R3: K2tog, * row 1
R4: K5ish (look for where you decreased in row 2, that's what I did), row 2

So yeah you keep decreasing like that and switch to DPNs about row 4 or 5, and keep going until you get about 8 stitches (at 16 it becomes like a free-for-all K2tog, really at 32 is the last time you have enough stitches to follow the pattern nicely, but feel free to decrease the way you want.)

Give yourself a good 6 inches and break the yarn. Thread through your needle, then sew through your remaining stitches and weave in the zillion ends that stripes have :).

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