Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm fighting off a throat thing...You know, the one that feels like the back of your throat is raw and burned??? You don't, oops, well, that's what I have, stay away :). It might just be my body's latest ploy to get me to drink more water. I've been downing pints and pints of it since yesterday morning. FUN!

That and sleeping. If not sleeping, knitting (of course!) I'm much more awake today so I may have to tackle "life" things (read as: GET A JOB YOU SLACKER) instead of just knitting things:
Aren't they cute? Please don't remind me they're not exactly the same. I'm focusing on the cute oranges and BRIGHT blues that pop out when you're least expecting them.

Here's a poorly taken close-up of the pattern:

See the orange? See the blue? You know, I think I realized this morning why that color combo cheers me so...they're the University of California colors! Well, UC Berkeley and UCSC (one of my alma matters). I think UCLA does some baby blue and bright yellow thing... or maybe I have them mixed up...

This tangent is brought to you by the color orange, and the number 10:

I received my first box from my mom's house. While there last I packed up four boxes full of my "personal" junk, as well as my bicycle. Now that I'm "settled, "my mom started shipping them off. (Yes, you CAN ship a bicycle, UPS is happy to take a WHOLE bunch of money to do so. Convenience won out over saving a buck, cuz a bicycle shop will also ship your bike for you, for 1/3 to 1/2 as much, especially if you've already packed it... bitter much?)

Where was I? I must be ill, anyway, the first box arrived yesterday. It's like a birthday present...I packed them so long ago I have NO IDEA what's inside! This one had my CDs, bike lock, pump, knick-knacky things, and (I suppose I shoved them in to keep things from rattling,) my UCSC and Stanford Pennants.

This morning, AFTER I'd already lost the light or there'd be a picture, I kicked aside the UCSC pennant to get to my computer so I could post the pics and blog. But the colors... they reminded me of my socks-in-progress. As insane as they were, I really really liked my college years. I guess I didn't realize how much and to what extent that experience has affected me 10 years later. Cuz yeah, this June will mark the decade since my graduation. Now, I go on and on about my preference for um, non-colors, so you know I didn't pick my universities because of their school colors. It's just a weird thing that they've stayed with me without me really knowing it, and stuff. Subliminal mind tricks...hmm, good name for a band.

Obviously my brain is not in the right place to be blogging, and my water bottle is empty, so I'll stop now. I did mention I was a bit ill? Yeah, next post won't be so batty, promise.


LeAnne said...

Hey Mary, I grew up in Seattle and enjoy being a tourist there now. Hope you enjoy living there. Thanks for the comment on my blog about the Thujas! I wore them yesterday and love them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, I also spent thirty some odd years in Seattle before moving north to Bellingham. Additionally, I also am underemployed at the moment so funds for yarn are limited. I have found a great way to access yarn, wool in particular. Two words: Goodwill (or Value Village) and Unravelling. Here is the website that got me started: http://www.neauveau.com/recycledyarn.html
I wanted wool for felting and found this to be a great resource. Plus, you are recycling, good for the earth and all. Good luck, Monique