Thursday, April 27, 2006

White Soxs 1, Mariners 5

Let's talk a little bit about baseball today. So I grew up about 15 minutes from Elysian know, where Dodger Stadium stands? Yup. Did I ever attend an actual live baseball game and root for my home team? Nope. Not once in 18 springs did my family trek in that direction to cheer on anyone in the blue and grey.

This is where being an adult rocks, really :).
I got to go to my very first professional baseball game, ever, last night, and root for my new "home" team. Shhh, don't tell my dad that the Dodgers aren't "my team" anymore. Really though, the last time I paid any attention in that direction was when Fernando Valenzuela was the big man on the pitch. Unless I was playing the sport myself, ummm watching it on the old 10" screen with the volume turned all the way down and the Spanish simulcast all the way up with my dad, we-e-e-ell, not too exciting for me. Maybe it was because he had beer to lubricate with, while the rest of us had cola???

Watching it live? I might have pulled out my knitting had it not been for the, umm, appertifs to um, warm us up, yeah, that's it, before we went out to our seats and watched the game. Yummy garlic fries mixed well with the hard lemonade and hit the spot too...and really, was I going to touch my precious socks with a ten foot needle while garlic and grease were all over my fingers? Hell NO!

Besides the lubrication, watching live with everyone really into the game, and their drinks if you looked really closely, was way fun. Only drunk people can "boogie it down" when the announcer tells everyone to stand up and dance for the camera. Except for the kids across the way in the bleachers, they were obviously over-sugared and highly caffeinated...they couldn't have been more than say 10 years old and figured out that taking off their shirts and waving them around like crazy people would bring the cameras over to them. They were right.

And the best bit? We won! Take that Space Coyote!

Odd Simpsons quotes aside, I had fun, way much. As I found white hair #2 yesterday, my spirits needed a little brightening.

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Beth said...

Congratulations on your win! Being at a stadium is lots of fun! I've only been to two Braves games - one in the nosebleed section and the other much closer. Being close is better, but I kept fearing that I'd get hit by a foul ball!