Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday: Iron Giant

Hmmm, commented on Crazy Aunt Purl about how you get rid of "stuff," and then I find this guy. Following the advice given by others, ummm bad cuz 1) do I need him? no 2) is he useful? no 3) Can he feed me? uh uh 4) Can he get me from point a to b? nope 5) Does he make me happy? Yes. And that's really all I need to justify keeping him. That and the fact that he's all of 4.5" tall. He doesn't take up much room, that's for sure :). (My friend Larry down in Moss Landing has my 2' tall Iron Giant that my wonderful friend Sammi got me one xmas...I do miss him lots.)

So the Iron Giant is out on DVD now. I know, I bought it. That's a rather rare thing for me, buying movies. But something like TIG, it's such a teacher thing cuz I know I can always wip out that or something by Hayao Miyazaki and just KNOW the kids have never seen it cuz it lacks hi-tech, a video game connection, or nudity, you know? Like the little guy above, I love the movie, it makes me happy. Have you ever seen it? If you were in my English as a Second Language class you have, I showed it every year. "I'm Superman!" Brought a tear to my eye every time. (sniff)

The buttons? For my military surplus Pea Coat. Nope, never in the navy, but what self-respecting sailor from Santa Cruz would NOT own a pea coat!!! Seattle is the perfect place to lug around that 20 lb coat. :) Well, 2 of the buttons fell off the coat a few years ago, but not lost(!), yet were separated from the coat until I got my mom's latest box. Two others were never on the coat, so I found replacements at a quilting shop in Truckee back before we moved. Yes, that's right, BEFORE I moved. Haven't gotten a "round tuit" for the coat buttoning project. Priorities and all, you know.

Speaking of which, I've a job application I've been putting off.
And the interview yesterday? I honestly don't know. I have my fingers and toes crossed though, I really do. I liked my interview panel. And they laughed at some of my jokes even :). Not that the position is for a library comedian or anything, but you know how hard it is to be put in a room with 6 strangers who're supposed to decide your fate...eep.

Happy Wednesday

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Rick Andreoli said...

Iron Giant is one of my all-time favorites. Always makes me cry. I love it and think everyone should watch it; it's from the director of The Incredibles and is just amazing!