Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday...My Wild Irish Rose

So remember when I posted that awful picture of my boat on land...I unpacked my old 3x5s and tested out my new printer/scanner...not bad, I think.

Here she is, in all her glory:
I'm drowning in Nostalgia...
It must be due to living so close to the sea shore again.

This was San Diego, November of 2001. My X and I had spiffed up the lass to get ready for what was to be a 18-ish month cruise of the Western Mexican Coastline, including a big chunk of Baja California, and all the way South to Zihuatanejo, or as my mother lovingly referred to the place, "Si, hay conejos!" (Yes, there are rabbits! Hey, it was easier for her to remember where I was that way, I'm not gonna argue.) Mine, (or half mine) until December of '04. But I never liked sailing anyway...or so I was told, yes, by X. What a crock.

This morning I found my first white hair. It looks white, not gray, so I'm still hoping I have my mom's dad's is a dingy gray, yes, I AM VAIN, sorry. So I'm officially old. Yes, at 32. Is it a wonder though that I feel like I've lived a big chunk of life already? I've been a teacher, a sailor, a "librarian" (I love small towns), and now...I dunno what I'm gonna do now. A couple someones have told me I need to start writing about it all and add author to the list, I'm going to assume they were joking. And I'd name names, only, umm, sorry, I forgot who they were...I know one someone was a real estate agent that came by to show my house while my boat was still sitting in the front yard, but he was a natural born salesman. He wanted to own the movie rights, iffin' you know what I mean :).
I found the camera, now, ask me where the batteries are??? The socks are finished, washed, and blocking in my closet...I made those super cool high-tech jetfighter sockblockers out of a couple old wire hangers, stylin'.


Rebekah said...

My husband would be so jealous of that boat. He so wants a larger sailboat, well larger then his 13 foot, little dingy type sailboat.

One of these days.

Okay I'm 33 and have had gray hairs now for several years, at least 10 I'd say. But not many, they just pop up here and there.

We're not old, just nicely matured.

Rick Andreoli said...

Hey, at least it's not a gray pube. That had me in therapy for a whole day. Okay, and hour. Whatever.

Noelle said...

Hey there, saw your comment on Crazy Aunt Purl... I live in Seattle, too, moved here from Pittsburgh 3 years ago. Anyway, I just had to comment on this post because in the last 6 months I've found TWO gray hairs. (Just at the root, but nonetheless). I am 27. (GAH!!!!!!) Hope that makes you feel better! :)