Sunday, April 23, 2006


Yarn: Noro Kureyon Col No. 159 Lot No. A
Needles: US 5
Pattern: Panta from...wherever I got it online. Search for head is hurting too much to look for it right now, sorry.

So this Panta is for my friend Kay. It'll be in the mail as soon as it's dry. What did I modify? The yarn, actually. Kay really really really wanted a headband that would match her teal shirt. As she's such a wonderful person I searched and searched until I found some teal...and other colors that she wears often (the purple especially) from which I could make something that would be multi-useful for her. The red at the front? It's much more burgundy, so it's not as "xmasy" as it looks in the picture. And the green matches her new pair of gloves :). But there were colors that were not quite I kinda just well, cut them out. The Noro gods should be placated or something, I'll look into it.

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jillian said...

Fabulous! That is a cute pattern, and Noro makes everything beautiful! She'll love it!