Wednesday, April 12, 2006


You all have seen this by now...I'm always a little slow on the uptake:

Go to Wikipedia, put in your birthdate, minus the year.
Pick out 3 Events, 3 Births, & 3 Deaths: (I feel this bit is like the "Telephone" game, I've seen that the actual numbers of things listed has changed from one end to the other...I'm sticking with the three...)

12th of March
1.1868 - Henry James O'Farrell attempts to assassinate Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. (So my older brother's name is Alfred...weird.)
2.1894 - Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first time. (I'm more a Pepper myself, you a Pepper too?)
3.2005 - New SAT is administered. (I absolutely abhorred this exam!)

1. 1923 - Mae Young, former professional wrestler (Go women wrestlers of the 30s!)
2. 1946 - Liza Minnelli, American singer and actress
3. 1953 - Carl Hiaasen, American journalist and author (woo hoo! I love him!)

Deaths: A bit morbid...
1. 1947 - Winston Churchill, American novelist (b. 1871)
2. 1955 - Charlie Parker, American jazz saxophonist (b. 1920)
3. 2001 - Morton Downey, Jr., American television talk show host (b. 1933) (Really? He died? Where have I been???)

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Birdsong said...

Thanks for posting; maybe there are no "right" things and we just have to cope with the unexpected as best we can. Happy belated Birthday.