Friday, April 28, 2006

New Bag

So I got a hankerin' for a sewing project or seven. It's funny how having a working sewing machine again brings up all these things you just need to have. I really and truly need to make some covers for the new Lap-mini and printer (with no name as yet...printy???). This house is a bit dustier than North Lake Tahoe.

As I ponder what fabric to use, Project Spectrum seems to be guiding me, in the interrum though, I decided to make myself a new "going out" bag (not in April PS colors) for those times I don't need a backpack-sized satchel, so I came up with this:

It's not quite done. I need to hunt down a frog closure. I thought I'd use a black one or a couple white ones already in my possession, but that red stripe is leading me to maybe look for a red frog. Here are some inside pics:

Two little pockets for cell phone/wallet and of course implements of my profession, I mean the pens and pencils. There's also a key fob holder...or whatever you'd call that clippy thing that keeps my keys from wandering.

Here's the back pocket:

Big enough to stick in a little sock project or shove in the wallet and receipt when frantically trying to shove it all away somewhere once the grocery transaction is done. Is it just me or does that last bit, once you've paid and are waiting for your change or to sign the credit card slip, happen so quickly that you end up walking away from the register with your wallet in your hand and bags all over the place...I HATE that. I think it's the "little old lady" in me coming out...

Right, so I'm not gonna finish my PS socks before the end of the month...I'm just too slow a knitter...but that's okay. I'll post a progress picture at the end to show off just how close I came. My orange/yellow project will probably be those covers...and I've got such cute fabric for the job. I'll work on that today and post pics ASAP.

As I said to a friend who just moved up here, my days of free time seem limited as applications keep being processed and I might, you know, get HIRED (please please please) somewhere sometime soon :). So I guess I'm cramming as many projects in as I can.


jillian said...

Multi-talented I see! So cute!

Beth said...

I like your bag! And I know exactly what you mean about the end of buying groceries. I feel like the whole store is staring at me as if I'm not moving fast enough in getting out of the way of the next customer. That explains the wads of crumpled receipts in my purse. I'm glad it's not only me that feels this way!