Saturday, July 01, 2006

FO: Project Spectrum May/June-Seastorm Socks

Flash is weird.

This fuzzy picture is what the socks really look like:
See the blue goodness for Project Spectrum June?

This clear picture shows the pattern better:
The green takes over in the glaring light...But then again, I did start them in May :).

Yarn: Fleece Artist Sock stuff (the band lives where all lost yarn bands might be worse with sock yarn bands...I think they might live where lost socks end up)
Needles: US 2 to cast on, US1 for the rest
Pattern: Well, um, I don't actually remember where I saw it...But basically it's like a "fake scrunchie sock" look that someone had on a page somewhere. The gist is to knit 4 rows stockingette stitch, then 2 rows K1, P1. Then the foot is plain-jane stockingette again. I liked the idea as the ribbing I used was K1, P1.

I did one sock at a time and I didn't like that one bit. I feared not having enough yarn for the second sock! Especially as Fleece Artist has a sock pattern on their ball band and it gave a short measurement for the cuff and leg.

That's when the worry first set in. It didn't help the fact that the ball seemed way small when I first cast on for sock #2...I started contemplating different colored toes...

I wouldn't have minded a longer leg. But now I know. I have PLENTY left over. I'd show you a picture, but my camera? Sucked the juice of my recently replaced batteries like it was going out of style.

Bad batteries?

Bad camera?

Quien sabe. But it bodes poorly for my changing my mind about ditching the fisher price cybershot for something newer. Though new = more fancy doo dads = more suckage of battery juice, I know, I know. I'm thinking I wouldn't mind a camera with it's own super toxic lithium ion battery pack that charges inside the camera and/or comes with an AC adapter...

I didn't even get a chance to take pictures of my latest acquisitions...yes, there have been a few. All sock yarn. Addicted? Maybe. I have more fleece artist with PURPLE in it for next--I mean this month. July just snuck up on me, I swear. As well as some Lana Grossa purple/pink/orange cotton/wool combo...or so it looks purple to me. Maybe a merlot/brownie kind of shade...But I'm calling it purple as I've started YET ANOTHER PAIR OF SOCKS!!! :). I bought two wee little balls of it so I can do both at the same time, as the knitting gods intended for OCDers like me. I only had to re-cast-on 6 times before had a "close enough for tactless work" match going on.

So now I have to go update my sidebar, tee hee :)

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Beth said...

Your socks look great with or without flash! I've been meaning to tell you that I like how you have your completed PS projects on your sidebar.