Friday, June 30, 2006

FO Notice:PS Seastorm Socks...

I won't lie, they're ALMOST done. They need that grafted toe thing, but that takes like, seconds...well, seconds if you're on Pluto, but I'm considering them just "good 'nuff for gov'ment work." I'm gonna post about them tomorrow, but as tomorrow is July I at least wanted to put a "foot in the door" about them today...did anyone but me wake up this morning going it's July tomorrow...WHAT?!?

Yes, July. As LONG (5 "paycheck weeks" this year) as June was, it's over today.

Weird, eh?

As this is a "pre-caffeine" posting I'll go now before I incriminate myself in any way/shape/form.

I did have a "venting" post to deliver, but it is not a time-sensitive issue, so it can wait.

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Beth said...

A venting post - that sounds a bit scary.

I just realized today, too, that the blue month is over and the purple month is starting. Yikes! Congrats on getting your socks done!