Thursday, June 08, 2006

So Tired....

Must blog before I collapse for the evening.

Saw X-Men.

Tell me, did anyone else notice that it was BROAD DAYLIGHT when Magneto and groupies began their trek across the bay but turned PITCH BLACK as soon as they landed? Tim's theory is that they ran out of film and by the time they procured more, well, duh, the day was over, "but keep shooting! We're on a budget!"

I suppose that's also the reason all those cars with WORKING HEADLIGHTS(?) are around on the bridge to get doused with the falling water? Where exactly was Magneto getting the ammunition if there were SO MANY CARS still in one piece? And they were scattered all over the bridge...ummm, didn't he clear a path earlier? I'm sure the cars just suffered from some settling or something, I dunno. Details, details...who pays attention to those besides anal-retentive OCDers LIKE ME.

But even I missed Fraiser. When I mentioned (thanks to the credits cuz I read nothing about the cast of characters and was shocked) that Kelsey Grammer was Beast, again Tim shot out, "Oh yeah, I thought that hand looked familiar." I mean, really, I had NO CLUE. Neither did Tim or Andy. There was no "Frasier" voice, he nailed the one Beast used in the cartoon of my youth, or so I felt.

I love the X-Men, really I do, but I do hope this is where this "series" ends. Let it be a Trilogy and leave it at that. I'm trying not to give away the ending for those of you who haven't seen it yet, so I'll stop there.

My eyelids grow heavy and my site grows dim...

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Beth said...

I noticed the darkness, too! The cars with headlights on looked strange. I agree that they should stop here.