Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jumping Off A Bridge

Hi, I'm a joiner, how 'bout you?
And the main reason I decided to see if I could join Yarn Aboard II? Yep, the picture and the punny Ewespinme brand name on the side of the sheep-i-copter. Besides, if I'm going to join in on one of these "exchange" dealies, might as well be one I can actually afford AND one that's focusing on my favorite knitted item of late, SOCKS. Can we say addicted boys and girls? I knew we could.

I skipped lunch today. Mainly it was the lack-of-sleep icky feeling you get when you're completely on autopilot and the world is kinda happening around you instead of you being a part of it? Yeah, luv that feeling. So I accepted a bagel for my morning break and was just about done eating it when I realized I wasn't really that hungry.

Come lunch, I still wasn't all that hungry, so I decided to bust out of the normal schedule and go "off-campus" for my lunch hour and explore the yarn store nearest me. I'd tell you the name, but I can't remember just now. I do know the little gramma running the place was a sweety and showed me the scarf she made with some cool sock yarn. Yes, that's not a type-o. She knit a SCARF out of SOCK YARN. Details? You want details? Did I mention my sonambulant state? I know it was Meilenweit and it was $16 for a skein and purty cool colors, but that's it.

And that yarn and its price tag brings me back to the Yarn Aboard II thing...I'm having a hard time figuring out how what to put down for yarn I'd like to try. Mostly cuz the "I'd like to tries" are on the high end of the dollar signs. There is an upper limit to this exchange, which is why I'm gung-ho for it. But do I go for quantity or quality, as it were?

Then there's the sweet tooth deal. I didn't realize how much of a chocolate snob I can be. Maybe it was the PMS talking...cuz I'm usually a good one for any kind of chocolate, much to Tim's chagrin I KNOW I've helped children with their chocolate drives that have spectrumed from Reeses Peanut Butter Cups to Sees Candies to Helen Grace. But I rolled my eyes at a Hershey bar today, knowing there was a bar of 70% cocoa waiting for me at home. Why get your kicks for 30 cents when I can plunk down three of my hard-earned dollars? I know, I'm "touched." But you don't scarf down a $3 bar of dark chocolate either, which I guess helps the guilt suffered from spending so much for it, not to mention helping keeping me fitting into my work-clothes, ahem.

Okay must go finish the questionnaire, cuz it really is taking precious time away from such things as knitting...and that sleep thing would be nice sooner than later.


Beth said...

What did you decide for the sock yarn recommendation? Maybe you could say "surprise me" but that could be dangerous. I was tempted to join that swap, but I haven't even finished my first pair of socks and I already have enough sock yarn for three more pairs!

jillian said...

ok - Hershey's is NO competition for nearly all other chocolate. Good chocolate is a great pleasure in life and there IS a difference. There, spoken like a true chocoholic. Although I'll hit the Herhsey's when there's nothing else!

Barrie said...


so i've heard of this sock craze you speak of. i've used those scary dpn's once for a hat, but a whole sock! super frightening.

do you know of an easy pattern?


p.s. did you just move here? i moved from michigan a few months ago and have been scouring the internet for stitch and bitches. nothing i see so far appeals to me.