Sunday, July 30, 2006

Can't blog...Knitting

Hi everybody?? Hellooo??? Anyone there anymore? Sorry I've been sporadic like there was no tomorrow. I'm kitchnering my socks today. My older brother is mailing/emailing?--somehow getting me pics of his chillens and I'm going out to by a frame, tea, and maybe some hand lotion and stuff and then I'll be all set...for what? You ask? My mommy's burr-day prezzie! I figure I can stick a tube of tea down one sock leg, and a tube of hand lotion in the other :). then somehow "frame" them around/on top/with a framed picture of her grandkids. Viola! insta-present :).

So I gotta keep chugging, and that means stop writing and get going...the days are not getting ANY longer, as much as I wish the weekends could stretch out to feel like weeks....

Here's a shot of the sky for that Saturday Sky thing...though I'm not in it...sad and depressing. I should take one of today, it's rather beautiful outside for "chance of rain." So much for that whole "weather predicting" that goes on around here :).

Yes, taken on my little dying camera. I've decided that if it's gonna eat through batteries it's gonna eat through my rechargeables. They were far more expensive when I got them a few months ago, but umm, yeah, I've been using them for MONTHS now and if they die in the service of digital mayhem, I think they were worth it.

Happy Sunday.

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Beth said...

I need this weekend to stretch. On Tuesday we leave for a trip to visit our families and there is so much to do! The birthday present sounds great.