Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Show Is That Quote From...

My brain is bleary this morning.
I think I'm on the winning edge of fighting off some sickness or another.

Aside from all the coughing, hacking, and sneezing everywhere I turn, (but not coming form me, mind) I'm told I flirt with infection daily by going out in 25 degree weather with wet hair. Really, didn't you know? When I told my mom I was feeling a little under the weather, her first response was that it's because I run out of the house with wet hair!!! It's one of the worst things I can do! Forget not taking vitamins! Forget not eating right or sleeping enough! It's all about th hair. Was it the Facts of Life where Mrs. Garret went off on the girls for going outside with wet hair?

Because wet hair is FULL of evil cold-causing cretins!

Or something.

Personally? I think maybe the fact that I work in a climate controlled office where someone is always sick. Just last week I thought one of the AA's was going to cough up a lung in her cube. I know she must have lost some brain matter with all the sneezing and the extended blowing of nose she was doing. I'm sorry, but if you're THAT sick? GO HOME. No one wants you sneezing or coughing on them. Stop touching things that I need to touch! Pull out the hospital-disinfecting lysol! Pull out the antibacterial Pure stuff! Pull out the flu masks!

Does it surprise me that the APC in the cube adjoining her was out for 3 days with a fever?

Should it then surprise me that I started feeling kinda weird on Friday myself?

I know, just what you all wanted to read about. This is why I've been lax on the writing. Foremost in my head is the fact that when I get kinda feverish, I should not be allowed to write anything down that others might be able to read. Seriously, I had this whole blog idea in my head on Friday (when I first realized I might be more than "just a little tired"), but upon reflection (and after a couple advil) felt it might be a) a Tangent Queen Original, as well as b) offensive to a great deal of people.

Then yesterday I had another brilliant idea! But it was an "angry" post. So instead when my poor, unsuspecting, hana'i mom called, I went off about it with her. I'm glad she loves me, cuz otherwise she'd have thought I was a little crazy.

This morning I am so thirsty I could drain Lake Tahoe. And I hate drinking water. I think it comes from growing up in LA. You try filling a glass from a tap in El Sereno and then I dare you to drink it. Yeah, that swirling white mess? It settles down to the bottom. If you let it sit for a bit it'll clear right up. Sure it's safe to drink! This isn't Mexico! Some days you can even SMELL it. YUM!

I really should delete the above paragraph, but it's a great example of my state of being right now. We'll keep it around for posterity's sake, or something.

Now, what I wanted to share this morning was that we have freezing fog out! It might as well be flesh eating fog. No one in their right minds should be out in it as the roads are ice rinks. 24 degrees and an "Air Stagnation" advisory.

I have been stuck in the house all weekend for fear of being run down/over/crashed into by the wonderful residents of Seattle who have no business driving out in this kind of weather. I'm especially looking in the direction of the dumb asses who INSIST on driving 40 MPH in the residential zones! We have about 2cms of snow and ice left...You know how they say children can drown in that much water? Well hello city-dwellers! You can easily die with that much ice on the road.

Tahoe taught me great snow/ice driving skills...but I readily admit to being rusty. I will also admit that as I've never driven my brand new car in this kind of weather, 2 payments in, is NOT the right time to go experimenting. Call me overly cautious. So along with the almost gone fever, I'm getting a bit of cabin fever.

What fun!
And tomorrow when most of you will have your day off...yup, no rest for the office is open and in full swing. I feel like taking bets as to how many people will show up.

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Anonymous said...

Awww...I'm sorry you don't get tomorrow off. Insensitive bastards.

I remember visiting Socal when I was 15 and my aunt freaking the hell out when I went to drink a glass of tap water. Ha ha! Glad you left that part in.

Hope you feel better!