Sunday, January 21, 2007

Joining Up

Nope, the toe of my mom's sock is still unjoined.

But if you glance over at the sidebar, I've updated the Project Spectrum button (as well as some others). Yup, a sucker for color. Or maybe it's that "balance" thing. I'll be balancing out my use of color for the year. Yes, that's it. Sure, why not!

Besides, thanks to being a part of Yarn Aboard II, I've got colors that simply must be used! Otherwise my tendency to stick to grays and blacks becomes rather boring.

Again, the pictures are lacking...sorry. I'm just a bit tired after ripping half-started projects and winding up the balls, by hand you see. Winding yarn with the wrist brace was a hassle, to say the least, and maybe I over did it a I'm keeping this update short and heading for the advil.

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