Thursday, January 11, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front

All of the lights were off when I got to work here this morning.
I have been at work for almost 1/2 hour. 
No one else in my department has shown up.
I was just told I might be the only one who does.
Joyous day, caloo calay...everyone gets to come bug me about their accounting woes...well, if THEY show up.
Right.  Snow.  It DEBILITATES Seattle to the Nth degree.
What did we get? 2, 3 inches?
Am I sounding a bit bitter this morning?  Yes.  Is it because I fell on some black ice on my way to the bus stop only to find out that the previous bus hadn't been seen, nor for that matter any buses going in any direction and had to stand there, ice and snow on my pants, leg throbbing, trying to fish out quarters with my braced up hand, as my "good" hand balanced my bag and held onto the slippery bus stop pole so I could take in all this news?  I'll let you guess that answer.
The bus was late, but it got there, and it got me here.
I did not smash my knee this time, only the bone just below the knee.
Since I started writing this, people are starting to drift in.  Even (thank the gods of Cobal) someone from my department to whom I will happily defer any and all power of responsibility. 
And the sun is coming out!  (I'm trying to ignore the fact that anything the sun "melts" will freeze into ice tonight as freezing temperatures are being predicted. Aaauuuummmm.)
Happy Snow Day!


Sarah said...

Was that a BSG reference? You rock.

You be careful with that frozen stuff, ya hear? I have had some nasty experiences with black ice back in my Seattle days, and it is NOT FUN.

Bezzie said...

I always expected Seattle to be more snow-adept. I guess not. I should know better, when I lived in Juneau ("Upper Seattle" as I liked to call it) we just had cold winter rain and sometimes a light dusting of slush.

Be careful...maybe knit yourself a black ice helmet?