Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shall We Talk About the Weather...

...Shall we talk about the government
-R.E.M. "Pop Song 89"

Hmmm, either topic of conversation isn't all that great right now. On a side note, about the time of this song's height of popularity? I hated R.E.M. due to the unbelievable amount airplay they were having in LA. Color me silly, but I tend to get sick of hearing overplayed radio songs. We were all INUNDATED with this one to the point of switching to the Muzak station, seriously. Ah memories.

So yesterday as I went along my blog-stalking way Beth asked us all what our word for the year was. It was almost like magic. As I read, but before the question really settled in, balanced came to mind.

I need to be more balanced this year in so many ways.
* Yes, eating a balanced diet is included.
* So is learning to be more balanced physically so I don't fall in the 3 NEW inches of snow we have outside (this is Seattle I moved to, right? 70 degrees in Boston and we're freezing our nether-regions off...not to mention the ice storm raging across the middle of the country...hmmm I guess I talked about the weather anyway.)
* Balancing work and play is big this year. My XMIL is helping in a HUGE way. I didn't want to say anything until the tickets were in my hands...I'm going on a trip to Southern Italy in the Spring (or maybe I should say April/May as who knows WHAT season we'll be experiencing then) with her. Yes, very excited. Yes, X MIL. WE didn't' divorce :).
* Checkbook? Check. I'm actually pretty on top of that one.
* A more balanced sense of self? That'd be nice. We'll see.

The list is unfinished, but more than started. Not so much a resolution, but definitely something to keep in mind and focus on. I'm not even hoping for achievement, just working toward it will be good enough for me, at least this round.

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Beth said...

I really enjoyed your post. And I agree that working toward our "words" is good, even if we don't achieve all we want. I tried again today and even the little bit I did helped.

And congratulations on getting to go on such a fun trip!