Monday, January 01, 2007

Tactless: 1 Champagne Headache: 0

I am not a drinker, just ask anyone who tries to get me to have more than a couple ciders or a glass of wine, of late. (Now if it's an ooey-gooey-syrupy-raspberry-lemon-drop...lord help me.)

Apparently, moderately priced Champagne and I get along rather well. Expensive stuff even better. This is still good news for the measuring tape and pocket book as I am not about to run out and spend perfectly good yarn/travel money on booze. I do have my priorities! Sort of.

Andy, James, Laura, and I had a mini-Santa Cruz reunion for New Year's Eve and all went fabulously. We think Tim was in Canada, they have New Year's Eve there too, you know. I'm beginning to formulate a theory as to why Tim is always absent when James and Laura present... and yet he is always "just getting here" or present whenever Andy's real estate guy is around... Again with the odd coincidences. I think a goal for '07 is to get the whole of the "Santa Cruz Ex Pats" together in one room for a gathering. Not a resolution, mind, just a goal.

I don't do resolutions. I'm not sure why either. I do come to realizations a lot lately. Such as this mornings:
- This May will mark 10 years since I graduated from my last educational institution.
- This is the second January that is an "official" start of a new year for me. When you're a teacher? January is at most "mid-way" through your year. When you're sailing around unemployed? It's just another month. Every day is Tuesday when there are no deadlines or plans.

These realizations get thought about and considered. Maybe some decisions get made, but I don't go promising myself I'll do something about anything just because it's January. I do that daily/weekly/monthly if at all. I do hope I'm not obliterating anyone's resolution framework; I don't mean to at all. I'm just saying what I do. Really? I think it's a diction and a timing issue. I make resolutions all the time, in that sense, just not necessarily to start January 1st :). It seems too much like a "deadline" or "due date." I hate those.

As I'm not sleeping off a hang over today, I guess I should go enjoy the rest of the first day of the year.


sarah said...

I don't do resolutions. I am too hard on myself, and they end up being additional stress and pressure I just do not need.

Glad you were able to celebrate and end up hangover free!

Beth said...

Yep, no resolution here, either. Although I did set some knitting goals. Goals seem like something achievable. But Sarah's right - there is too much stress and pressure with resolutions.

I hope 2007 is a spectacular year for you!