Friday, January 26, 2007

Dramarama Dreams

So my allergies have been my constant companions these last few days. You know, the type of friend you'd like to throw off the nearest bridge? Yes, love them allergies IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. My best friend, SUDAFED, works wonders for my sinuses, but like any friendship, has some negative bits I ignore because the love outweighs such trivialities....until the night they come to a head, of course.
So, do you all remember Dramarama?
The soundtrack of last night's nightmares could easily have been danced to the tune of "Anything." Seriously. At 4:30 AM I woke myself up crying. It was all so very bad. The kicker was the "Armageddon" dream. Maybe more end of the world...with mermaids walking on land (well, I think they were mermaids...definite fishy-ness about the loins, except they had legs and feet...but they were grayish with seaweed-y hair) and a leviathon breaking through the Senior Lawn of my high school and tromping about snapping at things (me) and quoting...scripture? Definite Old Testament litany. I'd recognize the Book of Revelations, having had a fascination beyond reason with it during my high school years, and this I had no clue about.
The crying? It came from the frustration of trying to get my mom to leave with me. In the dream I've gotten my dad, my niece (who was like 9), I think my nephew, an a slew of tiny itty bitty baby-looking things into my car, but my niece can't get my mom to leave! She tells me my mom won't leave Sister Charles (who has recently passed on). And I'm yelling and screaming at her to come with me and to get out of the convent's kitchen, and pointing out the window at the huge monster coming toward us...did I mention this dream was taking place at my old Alma Mater high school? She would not come with me! She kept saying there were things she had to do for Sr. Charles...
Can we say not a restful night?
Can we say it's rather disturbing?
Can we say my niece won't be 9 until know, when the Mayan calendar ends?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I just got the shivers.

Beth said...

I hate long, scary dreams like that, the kind where you try and try to wake up, but can't.