Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stripey Hat

Did you know you can do a "magic loop" with a 16" needle? Neither did I, but it is A-MAZING what you will try when the snow is coming down and you ~so~ do not want to go out and drive too many miles to find US 8 DPNs*.
*(Double Pointed Needles for my non-knitters--and I know you're out there, I got your xmas cards, luv you lots ;))

Today, however, as I already had to go to Tahoe City to earn the BIG money (ha) I stopped in at Three Dog Knit to purchase that which I lacked for that final row:

Yes, DPNs in US 8, thank you, very much. With almost NO effort (read as I panicked no less than three times that I was doing it bass-ackwards) I strove to knit those final rows--okay so it was like three--before jetting off to my Kings Beach shift.

So, behold, what one can do with 5mm-16" circular needles and equally sized DPNs:

It's my very first "stripey" hat. 100% Peruvian Highland Wool from Cascade 220. Made from my own pattern...um, almost the same one I used for my "skinny skull caps." I'm just not sure now if I want to keep it. I just got an xmas card from a friend who moved Wisconsin and its too super cold temps many many moons ago; it was actually SNOWING when they took the picture! I'm thinkin' I might make an even smaller version (I only cast on 85 stitches), and send the similar (but never the same) pair of hats to a couple little frozen popsicles in the picture...unless they're allergic, um, you might wanna let me know, eh girlfriend whose initials are S.C.? Formerly S.W.? (I'm all about keeping the innocent, you know, innocent :).)

It'd be no trouble, I literally finished the hat in less than 12 hrs, that's like lightning speed for me! I mean, what else am I gonna do with all this extra yarn? (Don't you dare say "make a matching scarf...cuz I'm not going there. My horizontally challenged WIP (work in progress) scarf is making me go BATTY. I'm obviously more of a hat person.

Maybe it's my dragon cursing me with its magical dragon powers so I'll get off my duff and knit him a scarf...or socks, or a sweater...

Okay, one more picture, sans needles so you can get the full craftiness of the hat:

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