Sunday, December 18, 2005

Snow and Finished Tasks

Well, there's snow outside again. Dare I take a picture? Dare I post it? We're at the "light rain" part of the weatherunderground forecast, but it's starting to look awfully flaky for rain again.

I know, I'll just take another picture of Andy's car, as it has not moved since the emergency Oreo Cookie Run last night. It helps to keep the camera handy. Please note the good 5 inch covering the poor corolla-sickle has accumulated.

I love Tahoe, if you note the house across the street, they've added to their possessions. Not only are they prepared for summer with the sailboat, they now have a snow-mobile-thingie (read as: I dunno what it is but it's got skies and stuff to get you through the snow) for winter!.

The Subaru is out and about with the boyz en tow up at Northstar, I think. Did I mention I don't do "snow sports?" It's not for lack of wanting to learn so much as the knowledge that I probably WILL break something if and when I try. So I live vicariously through others.

But I am being semi-productive. It's hard when it's like snowing and all you want to do is stay in bed and blogstalk and forget about the fact that you need to WALK through all this white stuff tomorrow so you can post things for xmas...cuz I've finally finished them, the gifts (Alfred, you'll want to NOT look at the following pictures) that I've been slaving away at for the last couple weeks...

No, these are not full-blown full-sized stockings. That would have required the use of my sewing machine and that baby is still in storage at my mom's house (I miss you!)
These little guys are about 7.5" long and almost 3.5" wide. I STILL have to attach the little pieces of ribbon so they can hang them...but they're kinda meant for hanging on the xmas tree more than anything. Hand stitched, as is obvious from the OH SO EVEN blanket/edge stitch on the green one to my left here.

I ended up using the glitter-glue as, after consulting with the child-safety committee (my housemate) it was decided the glue looked nicer, and besides there were no sharp corners or pointy bits to it. Just nice uniformed old-fashioned glitter-sized bits. As two of these are going to "under-threes" I played it safe.

So I made four, one each for: my older brother, SIL (the double initial ones), niece and nephew (they have the triple initials). I contemplated making one for my little brother, but he's 13...somehow a cutsie little stocking doesn't scream out to me telling me a 13-yr old would care for it...At least these little guys can turn into ornaments until they fall apart or something.

I'm trying to figure out how to pack and mail them now...See the candy-canes? Yeah, hmmm, fragile is an understatement.

So I'm done with xmas tasks? Hahahahahaha...those darling xmas cards that I try (and fail) every year to mail off before new-years are sitting there laughing at me. But there's snow to watch...and, and, well, I should try to finish my scarf before spring, right? (It too has grown, almost 19"! Only 50" to go!!!! ugh. No picture as I'm bummed by how loooooonnnnnngggg it's taken to get to only 19.")

Happy snow day...maybe I can go shovel? (Can we say procrastinate?)

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Kenny said...

It's snowing in Cali??