Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's the End of the Year, As We Know it...

Did I mention I'm still having the whole "song in my head" problem?

Whatevers (as my students used to say)...

Sickness is happening and I'm done and tired of it. I got hit with allergies yesterday and they finally pushed me over the edge and into full-blown sick-girl mode, urgh.

So, no parties. I'll be amazed if I make it to midnight.

May 2006 bring us all more good times and happiness.

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Rick Andreoli said...

Happy New Year my darling! And remember... SLEEP AIDS RULE!

Oh, and just for your information, in our ghetto fabulous 'hood they didn't shoot guns into the air but they did launch many a firecracker. We drank some champagne and thought of you!
Richard & Steve