Monday, December 05, 2005

NAKED Dragon & A Trip to a Carson City STRIP Mall

What? Naked things on a blog? Where are the censors! It's true, I never did say what my blog was rated. I keep the explicit language to personal emails, but my dragon is such an exhibitionist, I couldn't stop him if I tried:
This is "Chamuco." Roughly translated, that means deamon or devil. Chamuco keeps me company everywhere I travel. Yes, I know, I'm how old and I have a stuffed dragon. I also believe in the boogie man (Cucuy) if you read back a few days. I never said I was NORMAL. Would a normal person blog about all the personal things going on in their head? Right, where was I? Oh yeah, so Chamuco is around to make the Cucuy go away. Anyone who has not gotten up and slowly walked away from their screen, cuz I'm sure I've alienated most of my friends by this point, will surely be a bit bemused (or bothered) by my next bit. Chamuco has been overhearing me search for (and find) the dreaded beanies that are being frogged in the next few days. He's been jumping up from the little nook I've made for him and trying to get my attention to remind me that I mentioned I'd be trying to make something small to figure out how such ungodly projects as sweaters could get made. Things that would just maybe cover his naked self. (Last night, for example, I noticed that he'd folded his tongue into his mouth instead of letting it hang out like he did for his picture. I'm not kidding here, nor did I do any tongue folding for him. And no one in the house admits to having laid hands on him, they swear...he's just trying to get attention, I know.) I may make him socks too, as I need to figure them out as well.

Speaking of socks! I've been meaning to make at least one...maybe it'll be my xmas stocking. But a lovely patron at the library mentioned I should look for Knit Socks! as it would get me going. While I was at it (as she'd seen me in the process of knitting up my brother's cap) she also recommended Knit Hats! I'd looked both up online ('s why I have their pics...) But I'm both lazy and get daunted about buying things online when I can't flip through the I put it off. I'm super good at procrastination.

So I went to Carson City with Andy yesterday, woot woot! A car ride outta town! Those are rare up here in small-mountain-town-land. Especially once the snow makes its presence felt for the winter. Andy's all about researching root-kits--no, he's not a dentist, or a gardener, it's a computer thing. But that meant a trip to "big-business-book-store" which was my last try at finding these books I was super curious about. (The independent The Bookshelf in Tahoe City didn't have 'em either.) If not there, then online, you see. Or not at all, most likely.

Once again, whoo hooo! Yes, more hollerin'. It's a hollerin' morning I guess. I found knitted socks book rather quickly and grabbed it. The helpful girl at their Cust. Serv. desk said there was ONE copy left of the hat book, but looking high and low and even in between...and backwards into metalurgy and forwards into luck. I was bummed, but not bummed enough to pick up Knitted Scarves! Which I found several copies of. Sorry, I no makey the big money anymore. A library page is about the lowest rung on the county payroll, and as mentioned before, I'm struggling to get more hours (16 hrs a week...grrr). I would save my cash (or credit really) for the hat book online and pay shipping. Then a nice lady, "Thank you nice lady!" asked if I'd gone into the big-name-craft-store down the strip mall way, they carried all kinds of craft and knitting books. I had not, and as Andy had an "appointment" at the big-name-electronics store (can you tell I hate advertizing for big named places?) I was dropped off at the craft store and proceeded to NOT BUY ANYTHING BUT THE BOOK...and lost. I found some cute stickers for my niece, a ROW COUNTER! cheap cheap so I'm not all that sure I like "spins" kinda easily. Good for my arthritic fingers, but not so good if it turns by itself, you know...we'll see. Then, there, at the front of the store I caught sight of that tell-tale shape. Yes! Hats. But the book looked like it'd been dumped in a bathtub full of water and set out to line dry! No worries, they had others, phew. But yeah!!!! Got it! I had to wait about 10 minutes for them to dig one up from the back, and then I get told, "You know they make a Knit Mittens! one too...did I want them to get that out of the back too..."NO, thank you"...could not spend anymore money! Well....

So why futz with online pics when I do own a digi-cam? This is my half-hearted transition/self-reasoning to the electronics store purchase. I got my little sony cybershot 1.3MB digi-cam:
in 2001. (It was "last year's" model) Just before leaving on that sailing adventure to Mexico on my 32' sailboat. In fact I think it pretty much was the last purchase, except for the peanut butter that my XMIL procured for us last minute. Right, well, it CAME with a whole 4MB memory stick. No lie! We UPGRADED to 16MB, my my. For the non-MB savvy...4MB at the highest resolution gave us, um, 6 pics. 16MB a WHOLE 24! SO I basically had your point-and-shoot 24 exposure camera. This is great if you like wasting battery to go in and delete bad pics because, well, you won't have unnumbered thousands like you do today! So I don't take pictures. This was fine as long as I traveled with Andy or Tim or anyone else with a camera not from the stone-age of digitals....So as Andy pondered over drives I wandered over to the camera section and asked if they even made memory sticks for my digi. Curiosity you see...bad curiosity, it costs money sometimes. Success! 128MB! OUCH, $30! 225Pictures at highest resolution! Ouch, almost 4 hours worth of work to pay for it! And so I debated with myself, while the camera guy looked on...maybe a little scared that this lady was freakin' out on him...

I bought it. I figured I DID NOT buy those other two knitting books, DID NOT buy any yarn at the craft store (and they were having a 50% off like everyone else seems to be...and they had yummy soft wool too...) And...and...I am working a WHOLE 16 hours a week now....Justify, justify justify...but now I can go out an take a zillion pictures just like everyone else :). That seems worth it, today. Buyer's remorse won't set in for a WHILE yet. Like when my credit card bill is do, maybe? Yes, that's it.

I need to go read or knit now.

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