Saturday, December 17, 2005

Can we say, "Where did Friday go?"

So um, yeah, did you know there is NO WINDOW SERVICE at the Kings Beach Post Office on Saturdays (i.e. they are CLOSED Closed closed! Until Monday). Um, yeah, well, that's fine, no problem. EXCEPT THAT IT'S THE 19th ON MONDAY...and I have a birthday card to mail that's gonna be late...sorry nephew(name withheld to protect the innocent and underaged).

So tell me people, whatever happened to glitter? I looked high and low in this little mountain town and was handed "glitter-glue" which may or may not serve my purposes, but glitter? The 99cent (and more) store came to my rescue, phew. But it's not QUITE glitter as I remember it. You remember glitter? Tiny itty bitty squarish or roundish pieces of shiny stuff to cover your glue creations and then presto! Martha Stewart would be so proud? This is all I found:

And I really and truly hope that they mean it when they say "Conforms to ASTM D-4236" and/or "NON TOXIC" These are children's presents I'm making afterall. The glitter itself comes in all shapes and sizes maybe it's what's left over from making the real glitter? I can't complain too much, after all, I mean, it's the ONLY glitter I found!

We'll see in a bit, is all I can say.

So, I know, I know, you've been on the edge of your seats waiting for pictures of the Vets Memorial Hall and I'm sorry yesterday kinda slipped by too quickly for me. I woke up early enough to finish the sewing part of the gifts I should have mailed yesterday...Then I don't know where the day went, honestly. I went to work...Next thing I knew I was two glasses of wine into my evening and ready to hit the sack. Anyway, here's what I saw in Auburn:

100 East Street. I thought, grand, I'm like 3 minutes early! It took me 5 to find the only door that was actually UNLOCKED. Hi? Signs would have helped. A LOT.

They had 2 of these out front. They were real! Though plugged up with cement long ago. And if they hadn't, you KNOW there'd be trash plugging them up instead. We Americans are really good at "slap your knee" antics such at that.

This little guy was kinda out of place. Isn't this what they had on board fighting ships more than land cannons? But I'm bad at all the war history stuff anyway.

So I wonder if they considered giving the test in this room? I was in the room across from this scary place. It looked like something out of a court-room crossed with that chamber from Harry Potter 4. I mean, well, it would have fit much better. I could have felt small and unimportant BEFORE the test instead of after. At least it would have been more honest....moving on...

This little guy, about the size of a flag pole (or um the LIGHT POST that's duh, already there), was near the entrance to 80E. I was getting gas at a Tesoro that I highly don't recommend. Their credit card readers at the pump don't seem to work right so you have to go inside anyway. I thought it was a temporary thing but they were like, "don't you want a coffee or a soda?" If I did, I woulda' gotten one, no? Anyhow, I spotted the statue just as I was leaving so I decided to take my time pulling away from the pump and take a picture, as they'd already wasted my time in paying for gas INSIDE.

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