Saturday, December 10, 2005

Meme's Are Useful Sometimes...

So, not only do these blog memes force you to dig through your brain to bring out some creativity, they also force you to dig through your room to find that iPod that you hadn't seen in a few days.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.
Just "listing" is hard. I'm one of those weirdos (according to my housemates) that listen to the words and have reasons for listening to the songs I'ma gonna embellish and then call this a post :)

-"How it Ends" Devotchka
Before my computer officially became "too old" to play the previews on the site (no link, I'm too bitter), I saw the one to "Everything is Illuminated." Could not could not could not get the song out of my head. I found their website (NOT DevotchkaS with an "s," they are an all-girl punk rock band while Devotchka is too cool a la old school Modest Mouse.) I finally found their site and I think was the last person to download this song! I'm hunting for their CD TO BUY (hear that evil recording industry?!?) it. I'm entranced by the lead singer's haunting voice.

-"Haiti" Arcade Fire (oops, I had the wrong song name earlier...need more sleep)
I guess this song would dash your hopes that I only like listening to guys sing. The female voice in this one keeps me going. It beautifully melds into the next 2 (last 2) songs on Funeral (the name of the album). Not a happy-go-lucky tune though...hmmmm what's that sayin' 'bout me?

-"First Breath After Coma" Explosions in the Sky
Do you like Steve Martin? Did you know he writes? That movie, Shopgirl, came out a bit ago...or is it still coming out? I live in a small mountain town, forgive my not being on the pulse here. Anyhow, he wrote the book, Shopgirl. He's written a couple books now. But the preview, again, here I go with being easily swayed by a 2 minute clip...I loved the tune. So top 40s I know...shoot me, I grew up with Casey Casom and his top 40s TELEVISION show. (I hear he's still on the radio, somewhere/everywhere...)

-"If You Were Here" The Thompson Twins
Speaking of the 80s...I have an unnatural need to hear this song every few days. "If you were here, I could deceive you..." Not your typical TTT song. I'm stuck on echo-y haunting voices, what can I say?

THREE MORE TO GO....lemme keep clicking's not that I'm iPod doesn't exactly have a "history" of "most played songs" the way iTunes does, and I've gotten really good at hitting the >> to skip one of no consequence. Why skip so many? Well, along with being too old to play previews, my soundcard(?)/speakers/thing that lets my laptop make noise? it doesn't seem to work anymore. So it's hit or miss to make playlists when YOU CAN'T HEAR THE SONG... This puppy will be 6 come January. Good 'puter, love you...where was I?

-"Iko Iko" The Belle Stars
I walk to work. This is a GREAT song to open the door and walk (don't run) to work. Especially when it's only 30 degrees out these days. Gives you that energy you had when you first heard it at, what, like 7 or 8 years old? And why don't kids feel cold the same way? I keep seeing these crazy kids running around Kings Beach in their shirtsleeves and shorts. SHORTS!

-"Pepper" The Butthole Surfers
Okay, so my taste seems to be a bit eclectic...It's all about the drum beat and the violins. I wrote an essay about my musical taste in college. No, it wasn't a music class. It was grad school actually, which was when I first heard and fell in love with this song. Don't ask me what class though, that 12 month teaching credential/masters program melted my brain. It was some class about bringing lesson plans into the perspective that students would care about. You know, teaching them stuff they actually wanted to know? Weird concept I know. I never said I wasn't a weird teacher.

-"Nothing But Flowers" David Byrne
I'm told (by web experts everywhere) that I should hate hate hate this song. And sometimes, like the girl I am, I start to cry when I listen to it, damn hormones. My X introduced me to this one. "If this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower." It's actually quite a cute song, and rather telling. I don't know if our friend Mark had heard it before or after he met X, but I swear he used this line to describe him "Years ago, I was an angry young man. " and I could add, "And I'd pretend I was a billboard. Standing tall, by the side of the road, I fell in love, with the beautiful highway." Cuz in a sense he did. Traveling is key, cuz someday he'll find the place he can call home. For his sake, and that of my xMIL, I hope so.

Bonus entry, cuz it just came on and it's definitely one I "groove" to:
-"Ring the Bells" James
I love James! (The band. Well, I love my friend James too, in that protective sisterly way I have, 'kay?) So after I cry because I'm a wus and still can't keep the old feelings away, I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to this song. "When you let me drown, through gills and fins, now I'm as deep as the sea." If there was ever a "screw you hippie I'm gonna take your s*** and make it into something I can use" song, this is it. But don't let Johnny Cash's version of "hurt" come on after, if anyone can drag you back down into the abyss, it's the Man In Black.

Whomever is interested in sharing. I hate making people do something they don't want to. And feel free to use the comments section iffin you don't have a blog. I wanna hear what your "top grooves" are.

So I really thought this was going to be SUPER hard, but as you can see, near the end stopping was so very hard! Maybe I'll post my top 100 someday...not hard, I am pretty much stuck listening to music I grew up with (80s trash rules!), with only a sprinkling of things discovered in recent DECADES. I love giving my lil' brother music to listen to, he's 14, I've mentioned this before. His connection to 80s alternative music i.e. from before he was born, yeah, from me, weirdness.

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