Friday, December 30, 2005

2 o'clock Tick Tock

The problem with being sick (or maybe it's just "being me") is that you just conk out at like 9 PM, right? (If not 6 PM.) Then for no explanation known to man (and/or especially my mom who would LOVE to get in 16 hrs of sleep a night) you're WIDE AWAKE at 1:34 AM. By 2 you're actually UP trying to figure out how NOT to wake your housemates, especially the one who hasn't been able to sleep until 4 AM the last few nights.

This is the reason your doc prescribed those 7 DOLLAR A PILL "sleep aids" that you haven't needed because you've been forcing yourself to stay awake until at least 10 or 11PM so you can sleep "through" the night. Can't force that when you're sick, tried it, failed...and when you're falling asleep on your feet, who can remember to take those more-expensive-than-silver-per-ounce pills?!? So I've been looking at the unfriendly side of the 2 AM world for the past couple days/nights. If I were to take a pill now, um, yeah, sorry Charlie, that's 8 hours you need to let it run its course...urgh.

What is the world doing at 2 AM? In North Lake Tahoe, definitely SLEEPING. Not a sound can be heard besides the tapping away of the keys of my keyboard.

So I'll just blab for a bit and maybe that'll make me sleepy? Trying anything at this point :).

I work with a woman at the TC branch that lived in Tahiti and Hawai'i for a few decades up until almost 5 years ago. She was on the Big Island as well, over on Kona side. Yesterday she described how teary-eyed she was when she opened a gift from her son who got her Kailua-Chocolate. I shared that when I got the Big-Island Candy Chocolate Covered Shortbread Cookie box this morning, I felt...sad. Ecstatic I'd heard from a friend! Nostalgic about the time I spent there, but sad too. No real explanation forthcoming, sorry, I'd have to have hours and motivation to write that essay up, and it's not quite here yet. SO to take our minds off of it, we instead spoke about my "knitting adventures."

She was quite a knitter herself before the tropics. SHE'S SHOWN ME TWO SWEATERS SHE MADE, wow! But she insists she likes my anal (my word) style better. My "even stitches" and etc. show patience... I laughed so hard! She'd shown me an itty-bitty little beaded purse she knit...I couldn't do that! That would REALLY require patience that I DO NOT have, and might never attain. HELLO! I've just about given up ever finishing my vertically-challenged-scarf! 23"'s on the floor by my bed. I keep it close, even take it to work with me...but I started something else instead.

Have you all heard of the Panta Brazilian Headband thing? I'll find a link for it later, Deceptively Packaged made one, or three, I can't remember at this hour. I've been putting off socks and/or "crown-down" hats until I learned how to add more stitches to my needles. I'm pretty good (if not a little loose) at making stitches go away, but adding them has been a problem. So I'm trying the Panta. It calls for US 5 needles and low and behold, an impulse buy at Target, months ago, to the rescue, or so I thought.

Target has these "Dollar bins" like Pick-N-Save used to. I loved Pick-N-Save. Now they're named something else and everything is far too different for me, sorry, creature of habit here. I run into Target for something completely non-addiction related when I see they have little rolls of fur and NEEDLES at the dollar bins! So I go, I grab two tubes (cuz yeah, they're in taped tubes), I buy. They seemed straight, they had points, they're made of wood, I could do this. Okay, so they're painted a gawd-awful pinkie-purplie in that what-red-wine-looks-like-when-it's-going-out-the-wrong-way-fast pinkie-purple color; I can live with it, no biggie, they're a dollar!

Laugh, go ahead, laugh! I know better, now. They're made out of dowls or something, very little bend to them. They are TOO pointed. OUCH, hurt when I stick myself, oh yeah. And then the splinters. Yes, MORE THAN ONE. I got one on the palm of my hand the night before last and "sanded" them both down with a nice dry scrubbing pad that seemed to smooth everything down. Happy me. Go on, laugh some more. Yesterday I just wasn't all that sure my m1s (make 1 stitch where there was naught before) were cutting it. I looked in a couple books and looked on-line but it was one of those moments when you needed someone to just show you. So on my lunch break I got someone to show me...and she ended up with a splinter in her hand.

Right. 9 dollars later I am the proud owner of some Brittney US 5s. And IF I'm not zombie-girl, at about 10, 7 hours from now, I get to invade my coworker's house and look (sort) through her needle collection and take what I'm lacking. Seriously! I'm stoked.

So back to the cookies. Remember the cookies? Big Island Candy Company? A few paragraphs above? So I haven't broken into the box yet. It's all elegant and gold-looking and sitting on the "bar" of the kitchen. My boys will eat all my Gouda, my Wheat Thins, my bananas even, but they haven't touched my "sweets" unless I've said to please devour the muffins, fudge, pumpkin pie, etc. Quite a nice thing. But the cookies...I've been invited to a "Chakuanamas", or whatever, party tonight at the same coworker's home, and may just have to bust them out as my contribution. Share the Big Island Love so as to keep my spirits up, and my pants size down :). As well as be a big thank you for any donation to the cause of my poverty---I mean knitting!

I don't know if she reads my blog, she's too busy playing mommy and teaching undeserving (no, more ungrateful, yea that's it) middle school students math, and doing the wife thing on the Big Island, but thank you thank you thank you for the cookies! Know that they will be enjoyed to the last crumb, no matter how or by whom they are consumed. Hopefully NOT ALL BY ME.

O-Kay, 3 AM...I'm gonna try to lie down for a bit more...maybe sleep just needed a coffee break and I can sneak a few hours in before dawn? Happy New Year's Eve's Eve!

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