Monday, December 12, 2005

Off the "Cuff" and Nowhere Near the "Pulse"

I was just forwarded a powerpoint doc, "Your 2006 Calendar." Apparently it's got all these tight-shorted/brief-clad guys in it, as well as some fully clothed Brad Pitt pictures. Seen it? Received it? Right, that one. As I looked through it, I realized something, it was after looking at the presentation TWICE that I even recognized Brad Pitt. If there were other celebrities, ummm, couldn't tell you. All I could actually keep thinking was, "I wonder how many of these cuties are straight?" I'm bad that way, shoot me now, too much time with beautiful people who no habla heterosexuality I suppose. So, how many people have I offended with this paragraph? I'm tactless, 'member? I don't mean it, promise.

Anyway, I'm so out of the loop (magic or otherwise) that I'm pretty clueless about the people out in the media right now. This is coming from a person who has a number of friends who work in holly-wierd. I keep feeling rather guilty that I don't watch the shows they work for, or catch them when they're guest stars on a show(cuz, um, I don't even own a TV). I'm pretty lame that way I guess.

Try being a middle school teacher and explaining to your students that you don't own a television, go ahead, try. IT BLOWS THEIR MINDS. Sometimes you have to repeat it several times, it just won't register. "Miss, Miss, did you see "American Idol" last night?"
"Kalani, I don't have a TV."
"Yeah wasn't....WHAT!?!"
"I don't have a TV."
"You don't have a TV?!? What do you do at home?"

Right. My bad, shouldn't mess with the youngsters of America that way. Bad teacher, no biscuit.

When I would tell them, "well, I read, knit, and correct your homework at home," they swore off becoming teachers. HOW BORING!!! These were middle schoolers in Hawai'i after all. There's 10,000 things you can do that do not involve reading, arts'n'crafts, or euwwww correcting stuff.

So on my day off (today) I spent really and truly trying to catch up with the scarf project. I'm finally on the second ball of yarn. I did some of them maths stuff and I may run out before I finish the 60+ inches I'd like it to be. Well, actually I want 70+ inches, definitely running out. I really wish I could knit faster, the scarf is taking FOR-EV-ER! Longer than a hat!

Oh, if you're at all curious, and it's okay if you're not, I know I'm boring...the hats I posted before were done on straight needles. They have a seam. Since that point in time I've learned how to play with circulars. Now I'm being told I need to make someone a new hat with the circs. Sure, AFTER the scarf. I'm pretty adamant about being monagomous about my projects. I read about 7 books at one time, but knitting? Don't make me think about more than one style/pattern/size of needles/amount of yarn needed at one time, my head will explode.

Short and sweet tonight cuz I need to go knit more. The exciting life of a Tahoe Library Page! I should have my own TV show! (That I'd never watch, cuz, um, yeah, what I said before.)

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