Monday, December 19, 2005



I did trek through the squishy snow and got to the PO today. And it is squishy, in that ICEEE sort of way, but without the Cherry flavor. The nice postal worker even said my stuff MIGHT actually get there BEFORE xmas! If that's true I think my family might wonder who has possessed their sibling/daughter. Cuz I haven't been "on time" with stuff like gifts or cards in decades. We're talking 4 weeks early or, um, 4 weeks late here is SOP at the Tactless Wonder Planning Commission.

If I can get the all the digital equipment to operate I might even have a pic of my haul...wait, not a haul in the traditional sense...this is stuff I'm mailing out. Oh, I'm so jonesing for a new camera. I don't need a new one, like I don't need a new computer, well, actually, as my lappy is turning 6 next week and has blown its battery, disk drive, speakers, sound-in, screen isn't so bright anymore...there's argument that yes Virgina, if Santa's listening, we need a new lappy in the Tactless Wonder house. But the camera...hmm, it's actually only just turned 4, and as I found out, they still make memory sticks for it...but I'd really like it's great great great great grandchild with the Carl Zeiss lens that can take indoor winter photographs that I don't have to manipulate so hardcore in Photoshop...

Anywho...where was I? Oh yeah, convincing my little cybershot to play.

There we are: one gift for my brother and his family, one gift for my mom, dad, & lil bro, & cards galore. That's it. Isn't being the "black sheep" nice? I know it's at least affordable on my poor excuse for pay as I'm not expected to get anyone else gifts :).

So, done? Not quite. There are still people on my card list to be crossed off. But if I do that before New Years I think I'll have done awesome. I mean, well, hey we're all being told it's the "holidays" and all, that means more than one day a year, right? So if I'm sending "holiday" cards I can pretty much make them part of any of them right? Let's not forget 12th Night isn't until Jan 5th, (aka Noche Buena) so I'm way set on time :).

Speaking of Noche Buena, does anyone else celebrate it? I'm all about procuring the ring of bread (Rosca de Reyes) and some tamales and hot chocolate for the occasion. I dunno if I'm up for making the tamales myself...maybe if I make sweet ones instead of traditional pork ones (which I can't eat anyway...)...but KB HAS to have someone making the bread...

I'm obviously procrastinating again...don't I have cards to finish? I've wasted a good hour already playing on Neopets. Like the apple trailers, I thought I was no longer able to play any games, but since I updated to Firefox 1.5 and upgraded the flash player, I'm doomed....cuz my favorite games are once again functional. (I didn't mention I was a big geek in my profile did I...see, you learn something new every day.)

Okay, must go write, or knit, or something that takes me far enough away from the lappy to get SOMETHING ELSE done today. Good luck to the rest of you, we're on the last stretch of the madness, promise.

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Birdsong said...

My Cybershot quit on me last summer, and I went ahead and got the Zeiss lens, and love it (maybe it will go on sale after Xmas?). Anyway, wanted to let you know that you are the winner in the chenille pillow contest, so email me your address to and I will send it off. Your next trip to the P.O. will be to GET a gift.