Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Storm Watch '08....um Take 2!

So the storm of the Seattle Century that was supposed to happen on Saturday with the snow and the winds and the ice and the pain...brought the super cold weather (the ice and the pain)...but really? Not much more than a bit of bother.

But now, boy howdy, people are a pumped! Bread shelves are empty! Bottled water was scarce! (I actually wasn't looking for either, just happened to be in those aisles as I wandered lonely as a cloud through the market wracking my brains for a good xmasy style gift for my older brother and SIL. Alas, I failed...

But I was able to buy some rice and beans and tomato sauce, no runs on such items in this neighborhood; so even if I do get snowed in tonight/tomorrow morning (STORM OF THE CENTURY! and all) I'll have my comfort food at hand. I'm actually really craving fideo (fee-day-oh)...a kind of um, pasta dish that is actually cooked like mexican rice (long twisted angel-hair noodles are broken up, fried in a bit of oil, and then cooked with water/stock and tomato sauce in a sorta kinda 3:1 ratio and after salting, set to simmer for 20 minutes but not drained, never drained) and is yummy with cooked chicken thrown in for the protein and maybe a side of mole...

If I can't have my mom's tamales, I will suffer with comfort food of the non-assembly line variety.

BTW, if it is about 30 degrees in your home because the heaters have been off all day and you just happen to have your housemate's aromatherapy-lavender-and-who-knows-what-all-else stuffed shoulder-drape-able-bean-bag thing (that you stick in the microwave and then put on sore muscles?) that was bought on a whim because a "hot chick" was selling them from a mall kiosk around? Dude! 3 minutes on high, wrap that sucker in a towel and stick it in your bed 20 minutes before you get in.


But back to the post...right, so we are supposed to get snow, again. 1 to 5 inches this time, as it's better-safe-than-sorry to tell us that 1" part seeing as last time they INSISTED 6 inches!!! Cuz yeah, hello? Metropolitan Seattle? Are you sure? And we all laughed at them when the .5-1.5 inches did fall. Seriously? 1 inch of snow is enough to shut this town down. AND YET my work believeth not in snow days. So we'll see.


Bezzie said...

There's a Jersey blogger that calls that whole snow prediction (and usually mis-prediction) Code French Toast. Because those are the things that disappear from the grocery store first--milk, eggs, bread.

Good luck getting your snow day! We got about an inch, nothing shut down, but hey, I'll take it!

tana said...

Oh my gosh - this reaction to normal winter weather is ridiculous! I laughed when I went out today and there was no snow, no ice on the road, no big deal!!!!

And I don't understand the need for everything to shut down. And I'm from freaking Arizona. In the words of GOB Bluth: Come on!!!