Monday, December 08, 2008

Horror Movie...My Life As...

So if you wear glasses and they have semi-small frames and you perch them lower on your nose than usual, do you ever get the sense that you are "watching" your surroundings as you do, say, a TV/movie screen?

And maybe because you could not sleep thanks to a freaky sinus infection that is making your ear pound and you toss and turn and toss and turn ad infinitum until you play tag with your snooze bar at far too early in the morning, the world, even through your glasses and a cup of coffee, still seems fuzzier (and therefore more video-tape quality) than normal?

And that fake/tee vee-like setting is leaning far more towards horror movie than say soap opera thanks to the gray and overcast and altogether poopie weather you've been having and did you all know they are forecasting SNOW for Friday???!!!???

So as you meander through the hallways trying to look like you remember what you were doing (really now, my women's self-defense teacher would be so proud at how purposeful I've been walking around today...), you keep expecting something big and bad and scary to jump out at you and there will be axes and/or chainsaws involved cuz really those were the movies you just could not stand and had to leave the room when the motors started up and your older brother would tell you not to cuz it wasn't going to be so bad so you just cover your eyes and wait until he would say it was over AND HE LIED as you peaked through your fingers and saw really bad effects (by today's standards but you were 9 and really your imagination filled in the missing details far too well) and yeah, that would be my morning thus far.

And you know what?  This is me on NO Sudafed whatsoever.

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