Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In...Yet Again

I know, the story is getting pretty old, especially without pictures. I will try to rectify that bit after a foray into the winter wonderland...maybe.

See, I think I've mentioned my super-human strengths and weaknesses enough for you to nod knowingly when I say, the pressure is making my head explode.

Snow storm = low pressure. Combine that with 24-hours of heated air blasting through the apartment and I can't tell if it's allergies from all the mold and dust, or the storm.

My eyeballs feel squished. No amount of Netti-potting is making them feel any better...or my brain...which feels like it's got an ice pick sticking out of the left temporal lobe. I love sinus issues, don't you?

Anyhow, we got 3, maybe 4 inches of snow over here right by the water/Gas Works Park. All the extra insulation is awesome, really, since the temperatures are shooting up to like 30 degrees!

Did I mention I have a window that pretty much makes up the whole of one living room wall? Or a door to my mini deck which is entirely made of glass? Or HUGE windows in each of the bedrooms? I am freezing in this apartment that was NEVER meant to experience temperatures in the 30s for more than a few hours at a time. As I explained to my mom the other day, Seattle = NO SUN. So when they make buildings they make HUGE PICTURE WINDOWS and lots of openings to the sky to let Mr. Blue Sky come in and not have a whole city fall into such moroseness and despair as to visit all of the bridges (and we have lots) to take flying leaps!

Where was I? Right, watching the backs of my hands get all purple-veiny from exposure. This is a new and rather odd experience. I grew up with girls that had .0001% body fat and on days when we'd have PE outside and it'd be a little chilly (Los Angeles chilly, mind) I'd see their arms and legs go all splotchy purple and always wondered why and how seeing as my firmly padded self never got that way.

No, I have not lost weight. My body mass is still pretty much the same as it's always been. In fact, at almost 35 I'm a good 20 pounds heavier than I was at my lightest (i.e. fencing weight), and yet hello purple arms! (I can't see my legs just now but if they are doing the same thing under so many layers I am doomed.)

So yeah, any time the weather would like to turn up the heat, even just a little? I'd be super grateful.

And I'm sorry I've been super whiny of late...I know the rest of the US is in the middle of much worse ice and snow storms (hee hee, typed out "snot" first...I am 12), but as horrific as it got in Tahoe during bad storm weather? I never felt this COLD or helpless. Seattle is as prepared for this kind of weather as LA is for rain. (Don't even get me started...) I think it's safe to say that there is such thing as Global Climate Change and maybe cities should start investing in such "luxuries" as snow plows and salt for these kinds of instances? (And of course, cooling shelters and extra water for the horrible stuff we see in summer at the other extreme of all this...) But hey, that's just me talkin'.


tana said...

Yeah, how come we never hear that Global Warming will actually produce a cooling effect, that our winters will be extremely harsh? This is just the beginning. Yeah, some preparation would be nice, but those usually don't come until someone dies.

Oh look at me - all happy and sunshine!


Anyhoo...I hope that you stay safe and warm.

Beth said...

My doctor just told me about Netti-pots. Do you like yours? I have to admit that the online instructional video left me a bit shy about trying one.