Monday, December 22, 2008

This Time with Pictures!

Andy got home just in time for the aftermath of 6 inches of snow. So that he wouldn't fall asleep at 6PM (and be up and AWAKE at 3 AM on a Monday morning/workday), we went for a walk to check out Gas Works Park and complete his exhaustion.

These are not sepia prints...this is pretty much what the world looked like as all the city lights reflected off the snow and the clouds, no flash, and hours past sunset...trippy eh?

So industrial, yet, so...pretty. It really is lovely what a layer of pristine snow will do to even the most toxic of monuments to our past.

So what he'd wanted to do was that whole "ta da" thing one does with your arms when presenting something in "Those black dots behind me? People SLEDDING down Kite Hill."

When I showed him the picture though, Andy was all, "Okay, let's try again," but this time he apparently wanted to grow wings to prove his angelic innocence....ahem.

Snow Diva. Can't have a Snow Week Day without one.

Someone had a whole lot of time on their hands...or are maybe planning on someplace warm to spend the night. Not your traditional ice bricks, but dude, how cool! Igloo! No, I did not go in. I am young at heart, my knees, however, are ancient.

Ah, um, yeah, I wouldn't make this one full sized if you're unfortunate enough to be at work just now, cuz that lower right-hand um creation? NOT a baby snowman as I first thought as we were coming up from the bottom of the hill. My thought went from, "Oh, a whole snowman family" to "OH, my. Isn't someone creative! And/or possibly as juvenile as I am."

Homeward bound...and starting to snow...HARD.

It was still snowing when I went to we've got somewhere around 8 - 10 inch pockets of snow in places out there...about just below my knee in depth in others...and it's really hard to get off of slacks before it freezes your leg...just ask me how I know.


Bezzie said...

Oh man that brought me back. It's been ages since I've been to Gas Works Park, and even longer since I've seen a snow penis (they cropped up a lot on campus in Juneau!)

Beth said...

Very cool, but eery, photos. Sorry it's so cold there!

Tink said...

I like the wing effect! I may have to duplicate that. Stay warm. I hope your New Years is a good one.