Friday, December 19, 2008

Stir Crazy...

I'm starting to lose it.

I just got off the phone with my mom and I couldn't help whining and lamenting how LONG I've been stuck in this apartment (the sidewalks are too icy for someone of my graceful ability *cough* to navigate) when she says, "Mija, it's only been a day and a half."

Has it? Jeebus help me, it feels like FOR.EV.ER!

My boss's boss gave us all remote access to the server. Even though I'm "officially" on sick leave/vacation/whatever leave code I'm supposed to use for not being at work, I can't not keep working...aside from it being a sickness, if I don't keep at the paperwork, I will fall so far behind that I will go even crazier!

But you know what? At work? There are so many distractions that I just had no idea. There is tea to make, mail to pick up, documents to sort, there are people to interact with, emails to share and/or delete, things to do that take you out of your chair and far away from your computer. Physically farther away from your office chair than the length of my apartment...waaaaaaaay farther.

I've found I need that separation. For one thing? My chair here at home? NOT the most comfortable thing in the world. It was a clearance item at some office supply store and sucked from day one, but it was cheap. I found I could do work for about 20 minutes then I needed to take a break.

I took the trash out today, just to have something to do.

Then I checked the mail.

Then I went through the apartment looking for enough recycling to justify yet another trip down the stairs.

I have promised both my mom AND Andy that I will not leave the apartment tomorrow if the streets and sidewalks are just as icy. What with the high today peaking at 24 degrees? I am so doomed.

Andy has been out of town, driving down to mid-northern California and now back, but he promised to chauffeur me in his studded-snow-betired 'rolla on Sunday as long as I did not do anything else that involved my car and ice and the streets. Even if it's not in his plan, I think this will include taking me to go buy chains for my Matrix so I can actually make it to work on Monday if the predicted snow does show itself on Sunday night and the freezing temperatures continue to be so stubbornly low that the ice becomes something we have to live with instead of something we just endure every so often.

Did I mention that the other day when it was 34 degrees out I actually undid my scarf because it felt so, um WARM?

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tana said...

I did too! I took off my hoodie, clicked the temp button in my car and saw that it was 34 and thought, "Oh, THAT'S why!"