Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remind Me to Hold Off on the Sarcasm Next Time

Oh yeah, it snowed. Is snowing still. Well, lightly. But this is not Kings Beach. We've officially accumulated snow and yeah, all quiet on the western front here.

And yet, how surreal is it for me to watch from my closed glass deck door, two small children decked out in outfits akin to the little brother in "A Christmas Story" dragging toboggans behind them?

After a few seconds standing there clutching my coffee cup and making my brain work, I realized they are headed over to Gas Works Park, obviously, and not the nearest hill...which would be the street. Which would be why my inner wuss is winning the debate as to why I am not trying to get to work just this second and am instead surfing the news and posting on my blog....that weeee little hill that sits just outside the driveway of the apartment building.

So innocent. It curves just so, and is therefor your standard dangerous blind curve on a non-snow day. Really, it's just asking for someone big and driving too fast to ram into my car as I make the right turn to go to work.

An active imagination is not always a good thing to have.


erin said...

It's been snowing non-stop since I got up (though, I am admittedly not far from Volunteer Park which is as high up on the Hill as you can get). All I can say is that it's not worth going to work. It'll keep accumulating and when temps drop around rush hour, there will be ICE. No one likes ice.

I'm snuggly-warm on my couch with my work laptop, watching the snow fall. It is good, even though I feel like a wuss for not making the trek into work. I AM from the east coast, after all. I can totally handle winter driving. Heh.

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, I think about those things too. Add coming home at dusk into the mix, and I'm a white knuckled grandma driver!

We're supposed to get the snow and ice tomorrow. Allegedly. I'll believe it when I see it.