Monday, December 01, 2008

The Street Where You Live...

I have, what I feel, is an UNNATURAL need to watch "My Fair Lady" just to listen to that stalker song...mostly because I've only seen the production once, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

No, I have not gone over the deep end and fallen into infatuation with someone; instead blame 3 years of HS choir that have obviously scarred me for LIFE.

It's that time of year when we gussied ourselves up and got ready to sing at masses and assemblies and the holiday concerts...practicing and practicing and memorizing the songs just in case the girl in the Alto section behind me ONCE AGAIN lost her binder and the music director made me go without because of course, I'd memorized the songs. Classic good-girl Catch-22 there. URGH.

If I'm not careful I break into a rousing round of "Christmas in Kilarney" while washing's just awful.

So I've been absent a bit since coming back from Cali...(And yeah, have the LL Cool Jay "Goin' back to Cali" song in my head...But see how good I've been not linking to any of these tunes to harass all of you?? My 2 readers that is :).)

I fell into the "re-entry" dole drums and then it was Turkey Day; I contributed dessert:
Up front is an adulterated version of "Hazelnut Pear Flan" from a old Vegetarian cookbook I love so much I've dragged that thing literally THOUSANDS of miles these last nine years...but I don't like hazelnuts enough to hunt them down and then grind them into a I used Pecans, which were both easier to obtain and crush. And really, it's more like a cake than a flan...which makes it kinda harder to eat after a huge meal...oops...but maybe the extra "weight" is from the pecans? I never know just how changed a recipe is unless I make the original...and um, I actually never have with this one.

Of course at the back is your standard pumpkin pie. But I cheated without even realizing it...what I honestly thought was a can of organic pumpkin innards turned out to be "organic pumpkin pie" I only had to add the milk and eggs and I felt like I'd been cheated somehow...but everyone seemed to like it, so we're all good.

And now, maybe, that my post-vacation ennui seems to be ending (last night I dreamt of my cousin, and he stayed my cousin for the duration, yey!), and the SMOG-Alert sinus infection is healing, and the next couple weeks are back to the standard work, work, work, I might be back to posting more regularly...maybe.


Bezzie said...

It's nice, you know, to kiss your beau while cuddling under the mistletoe!

That pie looks really good! Kudos on the presentation!

tana said...

It takes a while to get back mentally from vacation. We, your two readers, understand. :)