Thursday, December 11, 2008


Bob the Builder (there is sound, no I don't know how to turn it off...I would if I could), the original "Yes we can" man is sold out.


What is up with that? I have a days-away-from-being-four-year-old for whom those die cast builder um buddies? Construction vehicle's with faces, would be perfect for.

Last year it was Thomas. Seriously I had to fake the Tar-jey $1 basket dealies into looking like old Thomas cuz there was NOTHING.

This year? What kind of Thomas can I get you? We have rows upon rows of displays, die cast, wooden, ye olde plastic, you name it.

But Bob? Goooooood Luck!

As one very helpful, very young, and obviously was last around the pre-school aged when she was said, "There's Manny though. I know he's not Bob, but do you think the kid will really notice?"

The look on my face was enough for her to lead me on to the "Home Depot" toy selection as the "other end of the spectrum" alternative to soft, big, pre-school hand sized construction toys. No faces on these things whatsoever. A good alternative, yes, but also not worth buying as I could just see his little face fall as the little construction pieces were taken out only for them NOT to be Bob's building pals.

Fanaticism in small children will be the death of me.

So tonight I'm going to shop for puzzles and coloring books and fat markers and anything and everything NOT Bob related...sigh.


Bezzie said...

Is Bob really that popular this year?? I'm with you, I don't get it...thank god Chunky's pretty much anti-bandwagon like his mom--or at least he's a year behind the times. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

They do make a giant Bob the Builder coloring book with loads of stickers. Hours of fun! (Bob also has his own line of storybooks and dvds.) At least Barney the dinosaur is no longer a factor--that thing gives me the creeps! SC

Beth said...

That's frustrating! This year two of my nephews are into Bakugan toys. I didn't even bother to look because they were sold out online in late November.