Saturday, March 29, 2008


I thought of cropping this shot, then a) the thought of more mouse work made me want to cry, and b) it shows, as I titled the shot, the implements of my destruction...though the longer I think on it, it's/they're really more, the implements of my misery.
An innocent keyboard (I blame the one at work, really), and the unfinished Zombie socks.

Have you any idea how hard it is to take a picture with your left hand? I apologize to all left-handers for the stupidity of putting the picture-taking button so whole-heartedly on the right-hand side of a camera. We righties are obviously a big group of horrid righties-rule biggots.
I don't own a tripod, I used my right-hand shoulder for stability...but there is my swollen monstrosity of a hand in its patient and loving wrist brace. Now if I could just find something to help the forearm, bicep and shoulder, I'd be so rockin' the data-entry.

So yeah, I'm typing left-handed right now, and it sucks.

I'm becoming way adept at left-handed mousing. I know, another oh so useful skill.

I've also noted that if I place my right hand on my hip a la Rachel in Bladerunner? It hurts less. I look like a total fool walking around like that, but whatevers, I'm much more into less pain than looking cool these days. This goes a long way into explaining the "old-lady" big pants and floppy shirts of late. The L.A. Fashionistas of my youth can bite me.

Right, so, still in a bit of pain, but here. 1.5 weeks to go before the imminent change of current assignments, I so cannot wait. (And I really am not sure if that was a sarcastic line...I seem to have developed more of a "wait and see" attitude about it all.)

Happy weekend.


Bezzie said...

Ech. I hope you feel better. This getting old thing sucks. I wrenched my shoulder riding on a grocery cart at the store today--bah!

I love that you're knitting those socks at the same time on DPNs.

Olga said...

I love those zombie zocks, I think I need that pattern.I think it's funny that even though your in pain and can't funtion smoothly- gotta keep the ol' blog going at all costs! You'll stop blogging when they pry the keyboard outta your cold, stiff fingers....

Beth said...

Yes, being left handed can be a chore. It's easier to be a bit ambidextrous. :)

Hope the pain goes away soon!

Carole Seawert said...

We lefties get used to using things designed for right handed people. But I did read somewhere that there is a camera designed for left handers. Good left with your left-handed mousing!

Carole from