Friday, March 21, 2008

Unofficial Eye Candy

Why I really should just buckle down and buy a real camera:
Only one of the 10 shots I took sorta came out. And my question is simple and has nothing to do with pictures...when first purchased, all of my African Violates had different colored blooms: white, burgundy, deep purple, and I've forgotten cuz it only bloomed once and we're still waiting it's been so long...

Now, though you have no photo evidence so is it really happening or is it memmorex, they are ALL this same shade of purple. What gives? I mean, it's still very pretty, but um, wha'happen'd?


Beth said...

I was intrigued by your problem so I Googled. Here's what I found: I only read the first answer, but it made sense. No matter the color - your African violet is very pretty!

Bezzie said...

Yeah aren't the colors affected by the acidity or something of the soil? I'll have to read what Beth linked to see if I'm right or full of BS.

laurie in maine said...

Are you still knitting? It's the weekend!! Go team UConn!

(that's still hard to write as UConn crushed our UMaine team the first time we made it to the playoffs ;)

Change in color of blossoms is unstable genetics. To be an official named hybrid AV it would need to keep it's color through 3 generations, I think.

There are AV groups all over the internet, so I discovered when I first got internet way back when. They collect and trade leaves or plants like knitters stash yarn :)

Chris H said...

UConn cheering section says, "Whoo Hoo!" C'mon, let's be the first division to fill up!!

And I have no clue about the flowere. I had some once, and once the blooms faded, hubby thought the plants had died and then threw them away. I tried to rescue them, but was too late...LOL