Monday, March 10, 2008

So Many Possible Titles...

...and yet I just can't think of any right now. This is what comes of not enough sleep. Take it from me, kids, sleep is good for you. /PSA

Okay, I give you a random list of joys and annoyances in the +/- style I used in a lesson plan about critique: (for all you Lit./Eng. teachers out there: Positives can be short and sweet, negatives need a valid/strong explanation. If it sucked, tell me why and "because I said so" only works if you are my mom.)

+ My back is back! Hurray!
- My sinus-thing/allergies turned into a cold! But that was already last week. So I'm really only annoyed about the fact that that uber sexy "cold voice" won't go away. You know, the one that makes you me sound soooo professional when vendors call looking for payment, lemme tell ya SOOOOO Stylin'.

+ I have collected more than enough Amex points to get a free digi camera! Dance of joy!
- I have been hemming and hawing about just how I'll be using those points and on which wonderful camera for soooooo long that I brought this upon myself...Andy is on a trip to Cali and took his camera with him...booooo; so bring on the fun times with the 1.3 meg camera if I can find batteries and the cord and...urgh... Love you little camera, really! Please work for me!

+ It was still light when I got home! Yey!
- I hate the first days of any spring time changes. I am zombie girl in the mornings and just cannot go to sleep at a decent hour come darkness.

+ My little brother turned 16 yesterday, hurray!
- Not only does his age mark the years I've been away from home, but ummmm, yeah, SIXTEEN YEARS is an awful long more than a decade...and if you add all those years to the age I was when he was is so freaking me the hell out!

+ It's my birthday on Wednesday! And if I'm not too much of a zombie that evening I'll get to hang out with L&L for a bit and yey, birthday!
- It's my 34th birthday on Wednesday...I think that's kinda self explanatory after the last "-"


Bezzie said...

Happy early birthday--I've got one of those sexy voice colds right now and can barely keep my mucus filled head in the upright position--so just in case I don't make it over here tomorrow.

Olga said...

+ happy b-day to your bro!
- You bro is the same age as my oldest daughter( I feel sooooo ancient.....)
+ Yea! tomorrow is your happy happy day
- I'm still feeling old here( and everything is all about me isn't it?)

Beth said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow! Thirty-four is young, so don't be freaked out. I'll be 44 next week, so I'm allowed to freak out. :)