Monday, March 17, 2008

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The Sock Madness people are sure to be hunting me down any moment to know why I have neither posted a comment on the flicker or ravelry groups on my progress for the first pattern.

Or maybe not.

I am not a speed knitter, never was. I am known to knit and rip the same poor yarn so many times it needs shaving/trimming/sacrificing to the sheep gods before I'm happy with my end result. So why did I sign up for a speed contest? It was the wine.

It is too dark (for my sorry little sony) to take a picture, but I've finally made it passed the ribbing and into the first repeat of the socks (both at once on 2 sets of DPNs if anyone is counting). Right, all these other hundreds of people are done and sitting pretty waiting for their divisions to fill up so they can go on to round 2 and I've just got started.

That's nice. I've no chance in the universe to catch up unless people start dropping like flies REALLY FAST. Cuz I'm not giving up, yet.

Okay, that's the update from incredulouslandia.

Happy Monday!

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laurie in maine said...

You can do it... Yes You Can!

I'm a UConn team member here to cheer you on to the finish line!!

Was scrolling through our team list of players (with blogs) and there seems to be only a couple actively blogging about still trying SM2.

So, I'm picking you to cheer on...still 9 places open in our group!!

SLOW AND STEADY makes the next round :) Come'll do it.

APPLAUSE: One more row now...!

(Okay I just did 7 rows on the sock I started the week before SM2 started as practice: could hardly grip the yarn in my palm :)