Tuesday, March 04, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY*!!! (a la Frosty)

Yep I kinda feel like someone just threw me together from melty, slushy, city snow and then crammed a silk top hat on my head.

That would definitely explain why I'm tasting asphalt and feel like there are rocks in my back...

Either that or I slipped a disc and am dealing with my sinus' freak- out due to the HVAC system at work going wack-o from a power shut-down on Sunday...long story, and except for the work stuff, I even have pictures of my weekend, sort of.

I's is a bag blogger and takeses pictures of all the wrong thingseses.

But as soon as I can sit at my desk long enough without wincing, you too will share the adventure...for now I leave you with two thoughts that my mucus filled head had this morning:
  • There is such a thing as "foot" island for socks. (Especially ones meant for a size 13 foot!)
  • I am a tight knitter. Tighter than I could have ever imagined...Just for the heck of it, and to see if I could use any of my already owned sock yarn for Sock Madness (yes, in a wine daze, I signed up) I measured my guage...10 stitches to the inch using Lorna's Laces with US 1 metal needles. I think I will have no problem getting their silly 8 stitches to the inch with the yarn I already own.
* It's not my birthday yet, really, and I'm not hiding the day from anyone, I think I posted about it last year for sure, t-minus 8 days...and I'm kinda freaking out at the number, (mostly due to the fact that my lil' brother is SIXTEEN in 5 days...) but thank you for the emails. I suppose I can just adopt the entire month of March as my birthday, that works too :).

PS-Did you all notice Spell-Check is back! HAPPY DANCE!


Bezzie said...

Oof. Thanks for the reminder. Dr. MS's bday is t-minus 7 days. I suppose I should get him something cheap huh? It is the big 3-0 after all.

Happy early birthday to you! I'll send you some designer face masks to wear at work when the HVAC system goes down again ;-)

Beth said...

I hope your back feels better soon. That must make for a really long day.

Olga said...

So is your bday on the 14th? Cuz thats totally cool cuz thats Pi day! and like you oughta have some pie to eat....