Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flakes or Zits?

I am so classy, I know.

So, aside from sunscreen, it was never a necessity for me to use cream on my face, before now that is. I place the blame entirely on a combination of genetics and where I was living. It's simple really:
So. Cal & Mom's skin & no icy cold winds that chap your cheeks
and make your face feel like crackly old too-many-hot-days-in-the
sun leather and what do you need skin cream for?

Lately it looks like my face is peeling, constantly. And it really does feel all old fabric scratchy and flaky. I'm all for old skin going away to bring out the new stuff, but, um not so much when it involves actual flakes of skin itching and then falling on my black slacks to the point of me wondering if "skin dander" is conducive to a healthy social well-being at work...that would be a BIG no, btw.

So instead of running to the bathroom every five minutes to dampen down the face dander (ewww!) out came the loyal Neutrogena face stuff I always used...only, it failed. All it did was give me a big fat pimple and left the flakes alone! So I dipped further into the memory banks and cheap stand-bys: Ponds & Nivea...they all have one thing in common, aside from being the old familiars, they make me break out, badly.

I am vain, I went to B & B Works and hunted out a wee little $20 bottle of C & O Bigelow face cream, cuz I'm worth it and hello xmas money, and it's not a surprise that it's no longer a product of theirs apparently, cuz yep, works like a charm! Flakes are controlled! Except by the end of the day, HELLO BIG, FAT, pimples! This would be on their extra-sensitive non-clogging stuff. Hmph.

So I'm stuck between a sandy and a pus-filled place (eww some more, sorry), and I don't like it much here. I know I'll never be the beauty queen, but being 34 with zits? That just sucks far too much for me to contemplate, especially as I was lucky enough to avoid the pizza face the first time around. And we can all agree that dander-face is not a nickname I want to pick up at work, now can't we?

I'm about to spend my birthday money over at Sephora, as one co-worker has steered me in that direction, but this is getting into the rather rich and unknown worlds for me. Can anyone chime in or point me to somewhere different? I am a very big novice in this area and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Okay, must go knit a wee bit before bed.


laurie in maine said...

How ya doing, girlie? Still knitting I see! Yay team!!

So I popped over to Sephora to see if I could offer any advice...thought you were taking me to a ritzy yarn store, but instead it was ritzy makeup supplies. I got nothing for ya!

Well, except I splurged my pre birthday money here the day after i finished round 1 of SM2:)


Bezzie said...

I wish I could help you. But I'm a zitter myself. I just slap some concealer on and go.

Olga said...

hmmm, sounds like you need exfoilation, but thats a dicey job, could sand off the skin...the only saving grace in this thing is that when your 50 you'll look 38 cause your skin never got crinkley.

Beth said...

I'm not sure what to recommend, either. I've had doctors recommend Cetaphil for face washing because it's so mild. I think Cetaphil may have a lotion, too. I've tried Aveeno moisturizers before, but they tend to make my face red (a problem I have). Good luck!

Beverly said...

I am also 34 with skin worse than it ever was when I was a teenager. I've tried many products and Mary Kay seems to be the only thing that provides me with the right balance of oil reduction and moisturization. If you're not opposed to dealing with a consultant, you could look for one in your area. Then, if you settle on a regimen you like, ditch the consultant and buy the products cheaper on ebay.