Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Wish I Could Show You A Picture...

This is beyond camera woes, I need something implanted near my eye level to catch the moments:

1. The near miss between bicycle, pedestrian, and (I cannot make this up) random unleashed roaming dog in Lake Forest Park as I made my way to my dentist's office.

2. A bigger and bigger pet peeve the older I get -- the guy who dashed out across the street (at a good pace, mind) only to end in that "slow down before you get to the other side" jog that ended in front of my oncoming car! Evil me totally wanted to floor the gas pedal to prove to him that slowing down does not help you cross the street faster in busy 40 mph traffic! But Good me won and pressed the break instead.

3. The inside of Sephora in University Village...Though we'd need smell-o-vision for the full effect. It was like stepping back in time to the make-up artists school/class (?) that an old friend took to make faces in Hollyweird...only with nice smells. Movie make-up smells are none too pretty when mixed with the smell of fear and sweat. Anyhow, I was completely and totally out of my element until I found the Philosophy line and Bezzie's "concealer" comment came back to me as I held up their "Make-up Optional" pack. We'll see.

4. The look on the dental hygienist's face when I explained to her how I'd gotten out an errant piece of tooth floss from between two of my most dental-student altered teeth. It involved thread, that thicker kind you use for buttons...

5. My Zombie socks, but 2 shots, before and after:
Before: 4 repeats, ready to start the heel ON BOTH SOCKS! Yey, me!
After: If I add both sock's worth of repeats I can say 3...sort of.
--Okay, so this pattern has stitches being dropped left and right...and in my "Wonderfalls" (disc 2) enthusiasm, I dropped the wrong stitch, in the middle of the first part of the second repeat...on BOTH socks in two very dissimilar places. I salvaged what I could but um, yeah, there was ripping involved and the need to stay up until midnight, and boy howdy do was I reminded why the whole dropping stitches thing gave me the creeps to begin with. Good thing I'm not all that competitive (shut up!) cuz I am for sure out of the race now.


laurie in maine said...

Hang in there! Still 6 places can do it.
(I've got my foot in the door holding your place open :)
(No pressure :)

Bezzie said...

Ooo...I can just imagine the makeup smell. Kinda chalky?