Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unpronounceable Syndromes...

I'm not a hypochondriac, officially.

But I may have some hypochondriatic tendencies. Thanks to the internet, the trip to the nearest medical repository is a short one.

What is it today? Well, either "Thoracic Outlet Syndrome" or "Shoulder Impingement Syndrome" or maybe it's just "DIE OLD WOMAN, DIE Syndrome." Hard to tell...whatever the case is, my shoulder bicep, forearm and wrist are killing me and it HURTS TO TYPE this and I am posting because apparently I am some kind of horrific masochist to boot!

Okay, keeping this short...I will be taking a break from all non-paid use of my dexterity skillz...and really anything else that is causing me to look like my shoulder is trying to scratch my earlobe or like I'm hiding a ping-pong ball underneath the skin of the back of my hand. Yes, this includes the knitting, emailing, and possibly actually-taking-a-pen and writing thing.

Dr. internet says the same thing over and over to help whatever it is I have: cease and desist activities that are aggravating it...then moderation is key.

The downers?
First and foremost? The obvious one right now is that I am a data entry monkey at work. This is what I get paid for. This is not going to help the healing, not one bit. So I will kill myself working and then reward myself with NO KNITTING in the evenings! What uber fun!

Right, so the other biggie? Hi, Zombie socks for Sock Madness? Not gonna happen.

The light at the end of the carpal tunnel?
I had my 180-day review yesterday. They love me, I am a keeper. But I am too smart for my position and in 2 weeks (after the auditors are gone) I get to start my altered position wherein I do NOT do data entry. The timing could not be better. Except it's maybe happening two weeks too late as my shoulder is inflamed RIGHT NOW and I want to cry cuz the socks are not knitting themselves.

Okay, I am done, no crying here...I'll check in with quick left-handed posts for those who have come to expect them/worry of my untimely demise.

Love you all, must hunt down some ibuprophen...


Bezzie said...

But think of this as a wonderful opportunity to teach yourself to knit with your toes!

All kidding aside, I hope you cease, desist, and feel better soon.

Beth said...

Aack! That's not good. Do you have any restful hobbies to take your mind of the non-knitting? Maybe you can lose yourself in a good book. I'm sorry about the socks. Congratulations on the promotions!

Olga said...

Hey-no promblem-o! You already passed the review,right? So, totally slack off and act like you work for the goverment and soon enough you will be enthroned in your new status as , well, whatever it is your new status is.

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