Tuesday, February 26, 2008

$100 Just Doesn't Go Very Far Anymore

(So I started this post on Tuesday and my, is it really Thursday already? I did mention changes in my work assignments right? Here be evidence that some of that change has begun...that and if you could see just how many unread posts I have on my bloglines...don't you hate it when work cuts into your life? Anywho...)

I had nothing to write about until I went to get my monthly supply of gasoline this morning.

Don't hate, I know exactly how privileged I am to work so close to home and on the way to/from grocery stores and libraries that I only have to fill my tank once every 26 days, give or take a trip to Auburn. But then again, I kinda planned it that way because I hate driving and the thought of being able to ride my bike to work come summer (you hear that right hip! you have to be in riding condition by SUMMER) is possibly the only thing that keeps me going these chilly gray mornings.

Still, paying more than a dollar a day for gas when you work for a non-profit, hurtses us more than I can say. (Hence the bicycle idea.)

And that's when I thought of my dad and that fact that he drives 24.8 miles, one way, to work every morning in LA. Which might equal 3+ hours of commute time one way going home, cuz no matter how early you go in to work and the traffic is minimal at best? Somehow EVERYONE leaves work at the same time and hello parking on the freeway! I always thought that a bit surreal and quite unfair. I mean, yeah, people drive hundreds of miles a day and I feel for you too, but when you add the time spent burning dinosaurs because everyone is inching at .0003 mph, because there is no way on god's green earth you could ever afford to live where you work? It's just unbelievable.

I know, I am a big hippie at heart, or something. Or maybe just nostalgic for better days?

I just spent over $100 in less than 24 hours buying groceries and gas. Ouch. This is that inflation thing that people keep denying as much as that global warming thing...maybe just as vehemently! Maybe it's that whole, "If I can't see you, you don't exist" thing? Hello elephant in the living room? I can't afford to feed you cuz my wallet is empty!

On that note, I have to get to work seeing as bills are not going away on their own either.


Bezzie said...

Oh man, I've seen those Seattle streets. Eeek. I wouldn't drive on them either. Granted, Seattle was the first "real" Lower 48 city I ever drove in so I'm not sure how that's skewed my perception.

I'm super excited to have office moving to Newark in the summer--less gas! Although I'll probably make up for it in monthly parking.

Rick Andreoli said...

Um, even though you haven't said anything (and I may be revealing more than you want on your own blog) but Happy Birthday March 1st!!!!