Friday, February 22, 2008

The Persephone Syndrome

I used that phrase as a comment just now and I think it's a grand title.

I've caught it.

If you're coming in late on the game, I kinda explained it a few posts ago...every time I sat and knit at a sweater that I haven't gone back to work on since? I'd rip back all the work I'd done before bedtime. I thought it was just me and that sweater. I thought it was just an isolated incident...I was wrong.

It has spread.

Remember the mistake rib scarf I mentioned I started out of Lambs Pride Superwash in Bulky? (BTW as a total tangent, in case you are here cuz you are looking for the stitch pattern for such a scarf with such yarn: CO a number divisible by 4, plus 1, like say: 29. s1 k2,p2, every row.) I think I've reknit it so many times I should be done by now...but I'm not.

I'm about to rip out 17 inches of unblocked scarf.


Oh maybe cuz when I flatten it out, to, you know, get a sense of it's width? It is 6 inches wide, which is perfect! But when I stretch it out so you can see the pattern in all it's coolness? Yup, over 10 inches wide.

Like many things I find kinda stumpy on my person, my neck seems to be one of them...even if I stretch it, my neck will still only measure 3 inches at the most. No, I don't go in for turtle necks much, why do you ask?

This is bulky yarn. It is making a bulky material....I'm thinking a CO of 17 stitches might be more appropriate....or ditch it all and find thinner yarn...


Beth said...

That's so aggrevating! I've had to rip out scarves before and it's no fun. All that knitting down the drain. But, you'll be happier with it in the end, right? Have a great weekend!

Bezzie said...

You're so much more ambitions (read: non lazy) than I am. I keep knitting despite those problems and then end up with a POS that I never wear.

Rick Andreoli said...

I know nothing of knitting. Nothing. And yet I completely understand a descent into the Underworld and losing the shirt off your back.

See? There are MANY reasons why I enjoy you. And the blog.