Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post #401

(hm, I missed a perfect round-number opportunity for something silly like a contest or something...oh well, maybe in 98 posts I can come up with something...)

I've been so distracted lately and I can't even tell you why.

Well, I could try, but aside from the continuing feeling of unease, the only other outcome will probably be the disappearing of the already sparse comments and emails to my "tactless" account. As much as I enjoy reading and deleting the spam folder? Really, I kinda like real messages too. (hint, hint, stop lurking already! Say HI :).)

Though I've said this before, I'm not here for the comments. My irregular postings and regular rantings and perverse subject matter tends to prevent a large following. Those of you who have stuck with me, I wanted to say thanks. I'm not too good at responding to comments. In fact I'm terrible at it...probably yet another reason there has been no fan club or book deal.

This blog started out as a way for me to make sure my friends and family had a place to check up on me seeing as I'm not as stable as everyone keeps hoping I'll become. In the last 10 years I have lived in 8 (loosely defined) cities, 2 countries, 3 states, and too many dwellings to count. I have been a bookseller, AR coordinator, teacher, sailor, librarian, receptionist, AP coordinator, HR assistant, and AP Assistant. Yes, still talking about the same decade... I grow old...but man am I racking up experience.

I am reminded very much of my age today as it's a friend's b-day which yearly reminds me I have 3.5 weeks until I tick off another line, grow another ring, mark off another year, grow longer teeth...or whatever. For the next 3.5 weeks though, she'll be older than me...and if it's bad, I hope she'll let me know.



Bezzie said...

Dude, I always enjoy a good rant or perverse subject matter. And I don't respond to my comments--unless they ask a question and their email address shows up in the comment. Blogger doesn't really let you respond to comments. I wouldn't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes. I'll update you on how the next 3.5 weeks go. My guess is more of the same. I don't think that your teeth get any longer, but ears and noses continue to grow. Yippee! Rants and perverse subject matters keep us all sane and interesting. Love you lots!


Beth said...

I don't respond to all my comments either, even though I'd like to. I enjoy your blog. You make me think, which is good.