Monday, February 04, 2008

And I Would Walk 500 Miles...

Or maybe just 5...or errr actually 4.86 according to my pedometer...

So Andy is at the age where he and his similarly-aged friends of old get together to have fun by signing up for such things as "hike-and-climb" adventures in the middle of deserts, or something.

As he's older than I am, I kinda wonder how I've skipped that aspect of life, cuz, um, when my friends and I get together we tend to sit around and drink and BS about the times when we were younger and did silly things like drive to 80 miles to Ghirardelli Square for ice cream and frolicking in the ocean when we should have been studying for our finals. I'm sure there was minimal walking and climbing involved even then...okay, there was that time we crawled into the skeleton of College 9, or 10? Sure, but we were WAAAAAYYYYY younger. I won't say we could still bounce when we fell or anything, but we definitely healed faster.

Anyhow, so yeah, Andy's trip requires a 4 mile hike the first day, rock climbing, and then a 1 mile hike, climb some more, then hike 5 miles out...WHAT FUN! (Yes, that thar would be some ripe sarcasm from the sidelines...)

As Andy wanted to see if he could actually do the hiking (remember that "healing" bit? Yeah, he messed up his knee pretty bad the last time he did one of those meet and hikes...) we packed a bag with 40+ lbs. for him (I carried nothing, I am not stupid) and set off on a wee walkie that took us through and beyond the silent hilly streets of Seattle. (And no, no clue it was superbowl sunday until I saw other blogs posting about it. The joys of no tee vee :).)

I. Am. So. Out. Of. Shape.

The 6 lbs. I gained while in Italy did not help...they were once muscle folks...walking 6 miles a day builds great calves and thighs...but abruptly stopping those marathon-like calves and thighs...

My legs were wooden and useless last night and I honestly feared my ability to get up and walk around today...but I have a reprieve; ahem, at my age it's, usually the third day that really sucks, right? FUN TIMES!

I think it's time to "ped" myself and see just how little exercise I do get throughout a normal day of work...this has got to change...

Happy Monday!

(PS: Anyone else having trouble with the spell-check on blogger?)

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